Critical Success Factors and Enablers for Facility Design Standardization of Capital Projects

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Journal of Management in Engineering





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Standardization is a familiar concept today that helps organizations achieve higher value for money. However, the implementation of design standardization in the capital projects sector has been sparse. The goal of this research is to identify critical success factors (CSFs) that lead to the successful facility design standardization of capital projects and their associated enablers. First, 15 CSFs have been identified for successful standardization. Then, the impacts of each CSF on overall standardization success along with the occurrence probability of the CSF’s implementation are analyzed. The researchers have further discussed CSFs by the recommended project phase for their individual implementation, as well as the lead party responsible for their successful implementation. Moreover, the researchers have proposed enablers for individual CSFs that facilitate their implementation in capital projects. Further, eight real-life standardization case programs have been analyzed to gain insight into the 15 CSFs and discuss the barriers to standardization as lessons learned from the case programs. Four CSFs including alignment and approval prior to basic design, discipline to maintain standardization, define standardization approach, and constructability of standardization, as well as their enablers (context-specific insights for readers based on learnings from past and recent implementation), provide solutions to the capital project industry for the successful execution of design standardization. The researchers believe that a comprehensive understanding of CSFs and design standardization enablers will promote improved cost-effectiveness, agility, and predictability of standardized capital projects and help achieve high levels of design standardization.


Critical success factors (CSFs); Standardization; Capital projects; Case programs; Industrial projects; Project planning; Project design; Enablers.


Civil and Environmental Engineering | Engineering



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