Developing a Simulation Model for Lifting A Modular House

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Construction Research Congress (CRC) 2020


In recent years, modularization, as an effective method of construction, has gained in popularity and received significant attention from the construction industry. Although modularization can provide a variety of advantages, difficulties exist, especially with respect to implementation. One of the critical difficulties pertains to the large sizes of modular components, resulting in challenges associated with shipping processes. Any accident during the shipping processes of large modules can have detrimental consequences in the costs, schedules, and safety of the affected construction projects. Despite their significance, the lifting and transporting of modular buildings and modular components have received relatively insufficient attention. In this regard, this paper aims to introduce the major challenges in lifting and transporting the modules. A sample study is presented, in which the lifting operation of a modular building from an actual project (i.e., the University of Nevada, Las Vegas’ Solar Decathlon 2020 modular house) is structurally simulated. To overcome the difficulties associated with ascertaining the center of gravity for modular parts, this simulation investigates various locations of lifting points, and identifies the best locations for the lifting process. This study will help construction engineers and practitioners to better understand effective approaches for lifting the modules of modular projects.


Civil and Environmental Engineering | Construction Engineering and Management | Engineering



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