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9th International Conference on Construction Engineering and Project Management


Korea Institute of Construction Engineering and Management

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Daejeon, South Korea

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Industrialized and modular construction is a growing construction technique that can transfer a large portion of the construction process to off-site fabrication yards. This method of construction often involves the fabrication, pre-assembly, and transportation of massive and long volumetric modules. The module weight keeps increasing as the modules become more complete (with infill) to minimize the work at the site and, as higher productivity can be achieved at the fabrication shop. Thus, a volumetric module delivery gets more challenging and risky. Despite its importance, past research paid relatively insufficient attention to the problem related to the lifting of heavy modules. This can be a complex and time-consuming problem with multiple lifting for transportation-and-installation operations both in fabrication yard and jobsite, and require complex crane operations (sometimes, more than one crane) due to crane load capacity and load balance/stability. This study investigates this problem by focusing on the structural perspective of lifting such long volumetric modules through simulation studies. Various scenarios of lifting a weighty module from the top using four lifting cables attached to crane hooks (either a single crane or double crane) are simulated in SAP software. The simulations account for various factors pertaining to structural indices, e.g., bending stress and deflection, to identify a proper method of module lifting from a structural point of view. The method can identify differences in structural indices allowing identification of structural efficiency and safety levels during lifting, which further allows the selection of the number of cranes and location of lifting points.


Crane; Modularization; Industrialized construction; Lift; Off-site construction


Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Conference paper presented at International Conference on Construction Engineering and Project Management (ICCEPM 2022), held at University of Nevada, Las Vegas July 2022.


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