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International Conference on Construction Engineering and Project Management


Korea Institute of Construction Engineering and Management

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Seoul, Korea

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Cost overruns, schedule delays, and a shortage of skilled labor are common problems the construction industry is currently experiencing. Modularization and standardization strategies have the potential to resolve the various problems mentioned above and have been applied for various construction applications for a long time. However, the level of modularization remains low, and modular construction projects have not been getting the full benefits. Thus, this review investigated the cutting-edge technologies currently being utilized to develop the modular construction field. For this paper, qualified research papers were identified using predetermined keywords from previous related research papers. Identified literature was then filtered and analyzed. According to the included reviews, several technologies are being developed for modular construction. For example, automated design and monitoring systems for modularization were developed. In addition, research labs are utilizing robotic arms for modular construction to achieve a high level of completion in the construction industry, as is seen in the manufacturing industry. Despite these efforts, more research and development are necessary because some automation technologies still require manual activities. Thus, there is great potential for further development of modularization techniques, and further research is recommended to achieve high levels of modularization.


Critical review; Industrialized construction, Offsite construction, Automation, Robotic Arms, Simulation


Construction Engineering and Management | Robotics

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