Research of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Civil and Environmental Engineering and Construction Department faculty.


Submissions from 2022

Characterization of Dissolved Organic Carbon and Disinfection By-Products in Biochar Filter Leachate Using Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry, Atcharaporn Youngwilai, Phanwatt Phungsai, Nontipa Supanchaiyamat, Andrew J. Hunt, Yuvarat Ngernyen, Thunyalux Ratpukdi, Eakalak Khan, and Sumana Siripattanakul-Ratpukdi

Enhanced Removal of Ammonium From Water Using Sulfonated Reed Waste Biochar-a Lab-Scale Investigation, Ming Zhang, Ruyi Sun, Ge Song, Lijun Wu, Hui Ye, Liheng Xu, Sanjai J. Parikh, Tuan Nguyen, Eakalak Khan, Meththika Vithanage, and Yong Sik Ok

Submissions from 2021

Iron Turning Waste: Low Cost and Sustainable Permeable Reactive Barrier Media for Remediating Dieldrin, Endrin, DDT and Lindane in Groundwater, Tauqeer Abbas, Tanush Wadhawan, Asad Khan, John McEvoy, and Eakalak Khan

Assessing Spatiotemporal Change in Land Cover and Total Dissolved Solids Concentration Using Remote Sensing Data, Tahir Ali Shaikh, Sajjad Ahmad, and Haroon Stephen

Postharvest Freezing Process Assessment of the Blueberry Structure in Three Acts: Bioimpedance, Color, and Granulometry Analysis, Hubert Arteaga, Eduardo Robleto-Martinez, Ana Carolina de Sousa Silva, Sergio Souto, Jacimaria Batista, and Ernane José Xavier Costa

Carbon-Based Adsorbents for Fluoroquinolone Removal From Water and Wastewater: A Critical Review, Ahmed Ashiq, Meththika Vithanage, Binoy Sarkar, Manish Kumar, Amit Bhatnagar, Eakalak Khan, Yunfei Xi, and Yong Sik Ok


Renewable Energy Generation and GHG Emission Reduction Potential of a Satellitewater Reuse Plant by Using Solar Photovoltaics and Anaerobic Digestion, Jonathan R. Bailey, Saria Bukhary, Jacimaria R. Batista, and Sajjad Ahmad


A Comparative Study on Soil Stabilization Relevant to Transport Infrastructure Using Bagasse Ash and Stone Dust and Cost Effectiveness, Sudip Basack, Ghritartha Goswami, Hadi Khabbaz, Moses Karakouzian, Parinita Baruah, and Niky Kalita


Influence of Saltwater Submergence on Geohydraulic Properties of Sand: A Laboratory Investigation, Sudip Basack, Ghritartha Goswami, Sumanpran Sonowal, and Moses Karakouzian

System Dynamics Approach for Water Resources Systems Analysis, Arya Yaghoubzadeh Bavandpour, Hamed Nozari, and Sajjad Ahmad

Systemic Risk Analyses for Potential Impacts of Onshore Unconventional Oil and Gas Development on Public Health and the Environment: A Critical Review, Christopher T. Bill, Om P. Yadav, and Eakalak Khan


An Experimental Study on Concrete’s Durability and Mechanical Characteristics Subjected to Different Curing Regimes, Edgar L.S. Borrero, Visar Farhangi, Kazem Jadidi, and Moses Karakouzian

Effects of Cathode Coating Materials and Operational Time on the Mercury Removal Performance of Electrokinetic Remediation System for Marine Sediment, Chotikoon Bunditboondee, Jenyuk Lohwacharin, Eakalak Khan, Saifon Kulyakoon, and Kritapas Laohhasurayotin

A Multi-Physics Informed Antenna Sensor Model Through the Deep Neural Network Regression, Chunhee Cho, LeThanh Long, Jee Woong Park, and Sung-Hwan Jang

Exploring the Benefits and Trade-Offs of Design Standardization in Capital Projects, Jin Ouk Choi, Binit Kumar Shrestha, Young Hoon Kwak, and Jennifer Shane

Cyanotoxin Mixture Models: Relating Environmental Variables and Toxin Co-Occurrence to Human Exposure Risk, Victoria G. Christensen, Erin A. Stelzer, Barbara C. Eikenberry, Hayley T. Olds, Jaime F. LeDuc, Ryan P. Maki, Alisha M. Saley, Jack Norland, and Eakalak Khan

Analysis of Suspended Material in Lake Mead Using Remote Sensing Indices, Godson Ebenezer Adjovu, Sajjad Ahmad, and Haroon Stephen

Determining Selenium Speciation by Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry, Sahar Ehsani, David James, and Zahra Molaie Oskouie

Spatial and Seasonal Variations of Disinfection Byproduct (DBP) Precursors in Relation With Total Organic Carbon (TOC), Meena Ejjada, Daniel Gerrity, and Erica J. Marti


Behaviour Investigation of Sma-Equipped Bar Hysteretic Dampers Using Machine Learning Techniques, Visar Farhangi, Hashem Jahangir, Danial Rezazadeh Eidgahee, Arash Karimipour, Seyed Alireza Nedaei Javan, Hamed Hasani, Nazanin Fasihihour, and Moses Karakouzian


Real-time PM10 Emission Rates from Paved Roads by Measurement of Concentrations in the Vehicle's Wake Using On-Board Sensors Part 2. Comparison of SCAMPER, TRAKER™, Flux Measurements, and AP-42 Silt Sampling Under Controlled Conditions, Dennis R. Fitz, Kurt Bullimer, Vic Etyemezian, Hampden D. Kuhns, John A. Gillies, George Nikolich, David E. James, Rodney Langston, and Russell S. Merle Jr.

Constructing Spatiotemporal Driving Volatility Profiles for Connected and Automated Vehicles in Existing Highway Networks, Xing Fu, Qifan Nie, Jun Liu, Asad Khattak, Alexander Hainen, and Shashi Nambisan


Application of Ultrasonic Measurements for the Evaluation of Steel Fiber Reinforced Concrete, Belayhun Gebretsadik, Kazem Jdidirendi, Visar Farhangi, and Moses Karakouzian

Transport Properties of Nano-Silica Contained Self-Consolidating Concrete, Nader Ghafoori, Borhan Moradi, Meysam Najimi, and Ariful Hasnat

Closure to "Multiobjective Optimization of Postdisaster Reconstruction Processes for Ensuring Long-Term Socioeconomic Benefits" by Pedram Ghannad, Yong-Cheol Lee, Carol J. Friedland, Jin Ouk Choi, and Eunhwa Yang, Pedram Ghannad, Yong Cheol Lee, Carol J. Friedland, Jin Ouk Choi, and Eunhwa Yang