Research of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Civil and Environmental Engineering and Construction Department faculty.


Submissions from 1996

Interference of avian guano in analyses of fuel-contaminated soils, David E. James, Tod E. Johnson, and David K. Kreamer

Performance of Hot Mix Asphalt Using Coarse and Skip Graded Aggregates, Moses Karakouzian, Michael R. Dunning, Robert L. Dunning, and Jerold D. Stegeman

Measurements of Soluble Salt Content of Soils from Arid and Semi-Arid Regions, Moses Karakouzian, A. Pitchford, M. Leonard, and B. Johnson

Drought and Regional Hydrologic Variations in the United States: Associations with the El Niño/Southern Oscillation, Thomas C. Piechota and John A. Dracup

Submissions from 1995

A Modification of the Petrov-Galerkin Method for the Transient Convection-Diffusion Equation, James A. Cardle

Discriminant-Analysis of Hydrocollapse in Las Vegas Soils, Moses Karakouzian, B. Goertzel, Nick Hudyma, and P. Roullier

Experimental verification of hydraulic robot for remote handling of HLNW, Samaan Ladkany, S. S. Channarayapatna, and Mohamed Trabia

South American Streamflow and the Extreme Phases of the Southern Oscillation, Thomas C. Piechota, John A. Dracup, Ernesto F. Brown, Thomas A. McMahon, and Francis H.S. Chiew

On significance of route specific data for transportation risk analysis, S. K. Sathisan and K. Madhavapeddi

Lateral Load Distribution in I-Girder Bridges, K. M. Tarhini and G. R. Frederick

Submissions from 1994

El-Nino/Southern Oscillation and Streamflow Patterns in South-East Australia, Francis H.S. Chiew, Thomas A. McMahon, John A. Dracup, and Thomas C. Piechota

Multi-Barrier Borehole Canister Designs for a Tuff Repository, David E. James, Robert L. Skaggs, and Suneeta Mohansingh

Comparison of Traditional and Neural Classifiers for Pavement-Crack Detection, Mohamed S. Kaseko, Zhen-Ping Lo, and Stephen G. Ritchie

Seismic vertical soil-structure interaction, Richard Little and G. R. Frederick

Evaluation of rail access routes to Yucca Mountain, S. K. Sathisan and E M. Parentela

Analysis of Potential Highway Routes to Yucca Mountain, S. K. Sathisan, E. M. Parentela, and M. S. Lee

Submissions from 1993

History of kelp beds (macrocystis) in Orange and San-Diego counties, California, W. J. North, D. E. James, and L. G. Jones

Submissions from 1989

Measurements of Mixed Transient Flows, James A. Cardle, Charles C.S. Song, and Mingshun Yuan

Submissions from 1988

Mathematical-modeling of unsteady-flow in storm sewers, James A. Cardle and C. C.S. Song