Research of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Civil and Environmental Engineering and Construction Department faculty.


Submissions from 2021


Effect of Heat Treatment on Microstructure and Hardness of a Worn Rail Repaired Using Laser Powder Deposition, Ershad Mortazavian, Zhiyong Wang, and Hualiang Teng

Finite Element Investigation of Thermal-kinetic-mechanical Evolutions during Laser Powder Deposition as an Innovative Technique for Rail Repair, Ershad Mortazavian, Zhiyong Wang, and Hualiang Teng

Measurement of Residual Stresses in Laser 3d Printed Train Rail Using X-Ray Diffraction Technique, Ershad Mortazavian, Zhiyong Wang, and Hualiang Teng

Nanomaterials for Sustainable Remediation of Chemical Contaminants in Water and Soil, Raj Mukhopadhyay, Binoy Sarkar, Eakalak Khan, Daniel S. Alessi, Jayanta Kumar Biswas, K. M. Manjaiah, Miharu Eguchi, Kevin C.W. Wu, Yusuke Yamauchi, and Yong Sik Ok


Flood Hazard Assessment for the Tori Levee Breach of the Indus River Basin, Pakistan, Babar Naeem, Muhammad Azmat, Hui Tao, Shakil Ahmad, Muhammad Umar Khattak, Sajjad Haider, Sajjad Ahmad, Zarif Khero, and Christopher R. Goodell


Microcystis Sp. Co-Producing Microcystin and Saxitoxin from Songkhla Lake Basin, Thailand, Ampapan Naknaen, Waraporn Ratsameepakai, Oramas Suttinun, Yaowapa Sukpondma, Eakalak Khan, and Rattanaruji Pomwised


A Novel Jumbo Phage PhiMa05 Inhibits Harmful Microcystis sp., Ampapan Naknaen, Oramas Suttinun, Komwit Surachat, Eakalak Khan, and Rattanaruji Pomwised


Wearable Sensing Devices: Towards the Development of a Personalized System for Construction Safety and Health Risk Mitigation, Chukwuma Nnaji, Ibukun Awolusi, JeeWoong Park, and Alex Albert

Relationship Between Commissioning and Start-up Success Factors Achievement and Performance in Capital Projects, James T. O'Connor, Binit K. Shrestha, Matthew Winkler, and Jin Ouk Choi

Effect of Dynamic Load Redistribution in Reinforced Concrete Flat-Plate Structures Under Collapse, Sarah L. Orton, Aamer Jawdhari, and Ying Tian

Application of Gilsonite-Modified Slag as a Subballast Layer with Recommendations for Optimum Content of Gilsonite, Sohrab Pahlevani, Kazem Jadidi, Sayyed Mahdi Abtahi, Sayyed Mahdi Hejazi, and Moses Karakouzian


Cumulative Infiltration and Infiltration Rate Prediction Using Optimized Deep Learning Algorithms: A Study in Western Iran, Mahdi Panahi, Khabat Khosravi, Sajjad Ahmad, Somayeh Panahi, Salim Heddam, Assefa M. Melesse, Ebrahim Omidvar, and Chang Wook Lee

Studying the Intra-Annual Variability in Surface Area and Volume of Salton Sea, California, Using Remote Sensing-Based Water Indices and GIS, Usha Poudel, Sajjad Ahmad, and Haroon Stephen


Evaluating Irrigation Performance and Water Productivity Using EEFlux ET and NDVI, Usha Poudel, Haroon Stephen, and Sajjad Ahmad

A Simple, Effective, and Low-Cost System for Water Monitoring in Remote Areas Using Optical and Conductivity Data Signature, Julia R. Rabello, John M. Gonzáles, Jacimaria R. Batista, Ana C.S. Silva, and Ernane J.X. Costa

Interactions Between Natural Organic Matter Fractions and Nanoscale Zero-Valent Iron, Thunyalux Ratpukdi, Katika Intarasuwan, Panitan Jutaporn, and Eakalak Khan


Predicting the Effect of Fly Ash on Concrete’s Mechanical Properties by Ann, Mohammad Mehdi Roshani, Seyed Hamidreza Kargar, Visar Farhangi, and Moses Karakouzian

Effect of Land Use Change on Summertime Surface Temperature, Albedo, and Evapotranspiration in Las Vegas Valley, Rubab Saher, Haroon Stephen, and Sajjad Ahmad

The Role of Prior Knowledge in the Performance of Engineering Students, Rubab Saher, Haroon Stephen, Jee Woong Park, and Cristian David Arteaga Sanchez

Understanding the Summertime Warming in Canyon and Non-Canyon Surfaces, Ruhab Saher, Haroon Stephen, and Sajjad Ahmad

Tactile-Based Wearable System for Improved Hazard Perception of Worker and Equipment Collision, Sayan Sakhakarmi, Jee Woong Park, and Ashok Singh

Optimization of Carriers and Packaging for Effective Biofertilizers to Enhance Oryza Sativa L. Growth in Paddy Soil, Jakkapan Sakpirom, Tomorn Nunkaew, Eakalak Khan, and Duangporn Kantachote


Evaluation of Fluoride Adsorption Mechanism and Capacity of Different Types of Bone Char, Benyapa Sawangjang, Phacharapol Induvesa, Aunnop Wongrueng, Chayakorn Pumas, Suraphong Wattanachira, Pharkphum Rakruam, Patiparn Punyapalakul, Satoshi Takizawa, and Eakalak Khan


Laboratory Evaluation of Geogrid-Reinforced Flexible Pavements, Mohammad Reza Sharbaf and Nader Ghafoori

Assessing the Relationship Between the Growth of Population and Crop Area With Depletion of Groundwater in Lower Bari Doab Canal, Binita Shrestha, Sajjad Ahmad, and Haroon Stephen