Research of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Civil and Environmental Engineering and Construction Department faculty.


Submissions from 2021

Fusion of Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 Data in Mapping the Impervious Surfaces at City Scale, Binita Shrestha, Sajjad Ahmad, and Haroon Stephen


Impervious Surfaces Mapping at City Scale by Fusion of Radar and Optical Data Through a Random Forest Classifier, Binita Shrestha, Haroon Stephen, and Sajjad Ahmad

Recipes for Standardized Capital Projects' Performance Success, Binit K. Shrestha, Jin Ouk Choi, Young Hoon Kwak, and Jennifer S. Shane

Transition From Traditional To Alternative Project Delivery Methods in Water and Wastewater Project: Executive Decision-Makers' Perspective, Pramen P. Shrestha and Jacimaria R. Batista


Trihalomethanes in Water Supply System and Water Distribution Networks, Sornsiri Sriboonnak, Phacharapol Induvesa, Suraphong Wattanachira, Pharkphum Rakruam, Adisak Siyasukh, Chayakorn Pumas, Aunnop Wongrueng, and Eakalak Khan


Memorial Parking Trees: Resilient Modular Design with Nature-Based Solutions in Vulnerable Urban Areas, Haroon Stephen and Fortino Acosta

Emergent Green Technologies for Cost-Effective Valorization of Microalgal Biomass To Renewable Fuel Products Under a Biorefinery Scheme, Rebecca J. Wicker, Gopalakrishnan Kumar, Eakalak Khan, and Amit Bhatnagar


Characteristics of Flow Over Rectangular Labyrinth Weirs With Round Corners, Omed S.Q. Yousif, Kawa Z. Abdulrahman, Wazira Qadir, Ahang S. Ali, and Moses Karakouzian

Impacts of Void Existence on Mechanical Behavior of Tuff-like Lithophysal Material, Omed S.Q. Yousif, Moses Karakouzian, and Douglas B. Rigby

Submissions from 2020


Recent Advancements in the Removal of Cyanotoxins from Water Using Conventional and Modified Adsorbents—A Contemporary Review, Tauqeer Abbas, George William Kajjumba, Meena Ejjada, Sayeda Ummeh Masrura, Erica J. Marti, Eakalak Khan, and Tammy L. Jones-Lepp

Virgin (Fe0) and microbially regenerated (Fe2+) iron turning waste for treating chlorinated pesticides in water, Tauqeer Abbas, Tanush Wadhawan, Asad Khan, John McEvoy, and Eakalak Khan

Effectiveness of Retrofitting Low Impact Development in Parking Lots to Reduce Flooding, Sayed Joinal Hossain Abedin and Haroon Stephen


Effect of Competent Caliche Layers on Measuring the Capacity of Axially Loaded Drilled Shafts Using the Osterberg Test, Rouzbeh Afsharhasani, Moses Karakouzian, and Visar Farhangi

World Environmental and Water Resources Congress 2020: Emerging and Innovative Technologies and International Perspectives, Sajjad Ahmad and Regan Murray

Photodegradation of (E)- and (Z)-Endoxifen in Water by Ultraviolet Light: Efficiency, Kinetics, By-Products, and Toxicity Assessment, Marina Ariño Martin, Jayaraman Sivaguru, John McEvoy, Prinpida Sonthiphand, Andre Delorme, and Eakalak Khan

Building Design and Its Effect on Evacuation Efficiency and Casualty Levels During an Indoor Active Shooter Incidenta, Cristian Arteaga and JeeWoong Park

Injury Severity on Traffic Crashes: A Text Mining with an Interpretable Machine-Learning Approach, Cristian Arteaga, Alexander Paz, and Jee Woong Park


The Impact of Advanced Treatment Technologies on the Engery Use in Satellite Water Reuse Plants, Jonathan R. Bailey, Sajjad Ahmad, and Jacimaria Batista


The Equifax Hack Revisited and Repurposed, Hal Berghel

Seatbelt Laws and Seatbelt Use Among Front- and Rear-Seat Vehicle Occupants in Fatal Crashes in the United States, Kwaku F. Boakye and Shashi S. Nambisan

Water -Energy -Carbon Nexus Approach for Sustainable Large-Scale Drinking Water Treatment Operation, Saria Bukhary, Jacimara Batista, and Sajjad Ahmad


Design Aspects, Energy Consumption Evaluation, and Offset for Drinking Water Treatment Operation, Saria Bukhary, Jacimaria Batista, and Sajjad Ahmad

Incorporating Pacific Ocean Climate Information to Enhance the Tree-Ring based Streamflow Reconstruction Skill, Saria Bukhary, Ajay Kalra, and Sajjad Ahmad

Optimizing Tank Design to Improve THM Removal with Spray Aeration, Alicia Qui Cheung, David Rouhani, and Erica J. Marti

Feasibility and Implications of the Modular Construction Approach for Rapid Post-Disaster Recovery, Jin Choi, Pedram Ghannad, and Yong-Cheol Lee