Structural evolution of the Maynard Lake fault within the left-lateral Pahranagat shear zone, Nevada

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The Basin and Range province of western North America can be subdivided into three Cenozoic geological and geophysical sub-provinces/rift segments: Northern, Central, and Southern. The boundary between the northern and central sub-provinces, is marked by caldera complexes and ENE-striking left-lateral strike-slip fault zones such as the Pahranagat shear zone (PSZ). More detailed documentation of the geometry, timing, and kinematics of the PSZ is critical to understanding the development of the sub-province/rift segment boundary. One of the three major strike-slip faults within the PSZ is the Maynard Lake fault (MLF). Our new 1:12000 scale mapping of the Maynard Lake Fault (MLF) along with cross sections and stereographic interpretation clarifies the geometry, kinematics and relative timing of faults associated with the MLF.

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