Characterization of poikilitic shergottite parental melts and what they can tell us about Martian magmatism

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Lunar and Planetary Science Conference LII

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Martian meteorites are the only available physical samples from Mars that can be studied in laboratory settings here on Earth. The shergottites are the most common type of martian meteorites making up ~90% of the martian meteorite collection, and have mafic and ultramafic compositions. The shergottites are classified as basaltic, olivine-phyric, poikilitic, and gabbroic based on texture and minerology. Of these three subtypes, the poikilitic shergottites are the most abundant, comprising more than 20% of the martian meteorite collection [1,2]. Geochemically, poikilitic shergottites can be classified as enriched, intermediate, and depleted based on light rare earth element abundances and isotopic compositions.

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Martian meteorites



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