Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Department of Geoscience Faculty.


Submissions from 2019

Pressure-Temperature-Time Paths from the Funeral Mountains, California, Reveal Jurassic Retroarc Underthrusting during Early Sevier Orogenesis, Suzanne Craddock Affinati, Thomas D. Hoisch, Michael L. Wells, and Jeffery D. Vervoort

Nature and Evolution of the Precambrian Lithosphere Beneath the Arabian Shield of Saudi Arabia Deduced from A Suite of Xenoliths from the Harrat Hutaymah Cenozoic Volcanic Field, Ahmed Hassan Ahmed, Shehta Abdallah, Kamal A. Ali, and Minghua Ren

A Seismic Hazards Overview of the Urban Regions of Nevada: Recent Advancements and Research Directions, John G. Anderson, Richard D. Koehler, Rachel Abercrombie, Sean Kamran Ahdi, Stephen Angster, Jayne Bormann, James N. Brune, Seth M. Dee, Craig dePolo, Stephen E. Dickerson, Michelle Dunn, James E. Faulds, William C. Hammond, Rachel Hatch, Annie Kell, Graham Kent, Corne Kreemer, John Louie, Ian Pierce, Christine J. Ruhl, Kenneth D. Smith, Wanda Taylor, Steven G. Wesnousky, and Ivan Wong

The Potential Science and Engineering Value of Samples Delivered to Earth by Mars Sample Return, David W. Beaty, Monica M. Grady, Harry Y. McSween, Elliot Sefton-Nash, B. L. Carrier, Francesca Altieri, Yuri Amelin, Eleonora Ammannito, Mahesh Anand, Liane G. Benning, Janice L. Bishop, Lars E. Borg, Dale Boucher, John R. Brucato, Henner Busemann, Kathleen A. Campbell, Andrew D. Czaja, Vinciane Debaille, David J. Des Marais, Michael Dixon, Bethany L. Ehlmann, Jack D. Farmer, David C. Fernandez-Remolar, Justin Filiberto, Jennifer Fogarty, Daniel P. Galvin, Y. S. Goreva, Lydia J. Hallis, Andrea Dawn Harrington, Elisabeth M. Hausrath, and Chris D.K. Herd

Geological Evaluation of the MSRAD Field Site by a Human Field Party: Implications for Rover-Based Exploration Operations and for the Future Human Exploration of Mars, David W. Beaty, Victoria J. Hipkin, Christy M. Caudill, Robin F. Hansen, Elisabeth M. Hausrath, Catherine Maggiori, Ryan McCoubrey, Joseph C. Parrish, and S. J. Ralston

Twenty-Three Unsolved Problems in Hydrology (UPH) -- A Community Perspective, Günter Blöschl, Marc F.P. Bierkens, Antonio Chambel, Christophe Cudennec, Georgia Destouni, Aldo Fiori, James W. Kirchner, Jeffrey J. McDonnell, Hubert H.G. Savenjie, Murugesu Sivapalan, Christine Stumpp, Elena Toth, Elena Volpi, Gemma Carr, Claire Lupton, Jose Salinas, Borbala Szeles, Alberto Viglione, Hafzullah Aksoy, Scott T. Allen, Anam Amin, Vazken Andreassian, Berit Arheimer, Santosh K. Aryal, Victor Baker, Earl Bardsley, Marlies H. Barendrecht, Alena Bartosova, Okke Batelaan, Wouter R. Berghuijs, and Keith Beven

Naturally-Occurring Asbestos and Increased Urbanization in Clark County, Nevada, Brenda J. Buck, Rodney V. Metcalf, and Brett T. Mclaurin

Elastic Plastic Self-Consistent (EPSC) Modeling of San Carlos Olivine Deformed in a D-DIA Apparatus, Pamela C. Burnley and Shirin Kaboli

Paleomagnetic Evidence for the Gothenburg Geomagnetic Excursion during the Pleistocene–Holocene Transition Recorded in the Paleo-Danyang Lake, Eastern China, Zhongliang Chen, Feng Yuan, Jinzhe Zhang, Shihao Shen, Xiaohui Li, Xiangling Li, Meng Huang, and Simon M. Jowitt

Petrology of the Enriched Poikilitic Shergottite Northwest Africa 10169: Insight into the Martian Interior, Logan M. Combs, Arya Udry, Geoffrey H. Howarth, Minako Righter, Thomas J. Lapen, Juliane Gross, Daniel K. Ross, Rachel R. Rahib, and James M.D. Day

The Spatial Footprint and Frequency of Historic Snow Droughts in Yellowstone, Bethany Coulthard, Gregory T. Pederson, and Kevin J. Anchukaitis

An Isotopically Depleted Lower Mantle Component Is Intrinsic to the Hawaiian Mantle Plume, Christopher DeFelice, Soumen Mallick, Alberto E. Saal, and Shichun Huang

The Aeroponic Rhizosphere Microbiome: Community Dynamics in Early Succession Suggest Strong Selectional Forces, Jennifer W. Edmonds, Joshua D. Sackett, Hunter Lomprey, Heather L. Lomprey, and Duane P. Moser

A New Plumbing System Framework for Mantle Plume-Related Continental Large Igneous Provinces and Their Mafic-Ultramafic Intrusions, Richard E. Ernst, Dustin A. Liikane, Simon M. Jowitt, K. L. Buchan, and J. A. Blanchard

The Influence of Thermal Processing on the Sorption of Cs and Sr by Sitinakite, Seth R. Gainey, Matheus T. Lauar, Christopher T. Adcock, Jacimara R. Batista, Kenneth Czerwinski, and David E. Hatchett

A Nanoscale Investigation of Carlin-Type Gold Deposits: An Atom-Scale Elemental and Isotopic Perspective, Philippe Gopon, James O. Douglas, Maria A. Auger, Lars Hansen, Jon Wade, Jean S. Cline, Laurence J. Robb, and Michael P. Moody

Discovery of Cryptotephra at Middle–Upper Paleolithic Sites Arma Veirana and Riparo Bombrini, Italy: A New Link for Broader Geographic Correlations, Jayde N. Hirniak, Eugene I. Smith, Racheal Johnsen, Minghua Ren, Jamie Hodgkins, Caley Orr, Fabio Negrino, Julien Riel‐Salvatore, Shelby Fitch, Christopher J. Miller, Andrea Zerboni, Guido S. Mariani, Jacob A. Harris, Claudine Gravel‐Miguel, David Strait, Marco Peresani, Stefano Benazzi, and Curtis W. Marean


Numerical Simulation Based Targeting of the Magushan Skarn Cu-Mo Deposit, Middle-Lower Yangtze Metallogenic Belt, China, Xunyu Hu, Xiaohui Li, Feng Yuan, Alison Ord, Simon M. Jowitt, Yue Li, Wenqiang Dai, Rui Ye, and Taofa Zhou

Numerical Modeling of Ore-Forming Processes Within the Chating CU-Au Porphyry-Type Deposit, China: Implications for the Longevity of Hydrothermal Systems and Potential Uses in Mineral Exploration, Xunyu Hu, Xiaohui Li, Feng Yuan, Alison Ord, Simon M. Jowitt, Yue Li, Wenqiang Dai, and Taofa Zhou

Geochemistry of Metamorphic Rocks and Mineralization in the Golgohar Iron Ore Deposit (No. 1), Sirjan, SE Iran: Implications for Paleotechtonic Setting and Ore Genesis, Afsane Jafari, Mohammad Hassan Karimpour, Seyed Ahmad Mazaheri, Azadeh Malekzadeh Shafaroudi, and Minghua Ren

Editorial, Simon Jowitt

Editorial, Simon Jowitt

Editorial, Simon Jowitt

Minerals and Allied Natural Resources and Their Sustainable Development: Principles, Perspectives with Emphasis on the Indian Scenario (M Deb and SC Sarkar), Simon Jowitt


Pacific Southwest United States Holocene Droughts and Pluvials Inferred From Sediment δ18O (calcite) and Grain Size Data (Lake Elsinore, California), Matthew E.C. Kirby, William Paul Patterson, Matthew Lachniet, James A. Noblet, Michael A. Anderson, Kevin Nichols, and Judith Avila

Pacific Southwest United States Holocene Droughts and Pluvials Inferred From Sediment δ18O (calcite) and Grain Size Data (Lake Elsinore, California), Matthew E.C. Kirby, William Paul Patterson, Matthew Lachniet, James A. Noblet, Michael A. Anderson, Kevin Nichols, and Judith Avila

Early Cretaceous Tectonic Transition and SW-Ward Basin Migration in Northern Liaodong Peninsula, NE China: Sedimentary, Structural, and Geochronological Contraints, Ruoyan Kong, Dan-Ping Yan, Liang Qui, Michael L. Wells, Anping Wang, Xiaoyu Dong, Hongxu Mu, and Ling-Xiao Gong

Caleta El Cobre 022: An Unusual Nakhlite with Abundant Aqueous Alteration, Lisa Krämer Ruggiu, Jérôme Gattacceca, Bertrand Devouard, Arya Udry, Vinciane Debaille, Pierre Rochette, Jean-Pierre Lorand, Lydie Bonal, Pierre Beck, Violaine Sautter, M M. Meier, Matthieu Gounelle, Yves Marrocchi, C. Madden, and H. Busemann


Subglacial Meltwater Supported Aerobic Marine Habitats During Snowball Earth, Maxwell A. Lechte, Malcolm W. Wallace, Ashleig van Smeerdijk Hooda, Weiqiang Li, Ganqing Jiang, Galen P. Halverson, Dan Asael, Stephanie L. McColl, and Noah J. Planavsky


Chemostratigraphic Correlations Across the First Major Trilobite Extinction and Faunal Turnovers Between Laurentia and South China, Jih-Pai Lin, Frederick A. Sunberg, Ganqing Jiang, Isabel P. Montanez, and Thomas Wotte

First-Principles Investigation of Equilibrium K Isotope Fractionation Among K-Bearing Minerals, Yonghui Li, Wenzhong Wang, Zhongqing Wu, and Shichun Huang

Chenmingite, FeCr2O4 in the CaFe2O4-type Structure, a Shock-induced, High-pressure Mineral in the Tissint Martian Meteorite, Chi Ma, Oliver Tschauner, John R. Beckett, Yang Liu, Eran Greenberg, and Vitali B. Prakapenka

A Vacancy‐Rich, Partially Inverted Spinelloid Silicate, (Mg,Fe,Si)2(Si,□)o4, as a Major Matrix Phase in Shock Melt Veins of the Tenham and Suizhou l6 Chondrites, Chi Ma, Oliver Tschauner, Luca Bindi, John R. Beckett, and Xiande Xie

Petrogenesis and Economic Potential of Rare-Metal Pegmatites in the North Virgin Mountains, Nevada--Arizona, Dalton McCaffrey and Simon Jowitt


Speleothem Paleoclimatology for the Caribbean, Central America, and North America, Jessica L. Oster, Sophie F. Warken, Natasha Sekhon, Monica M. Arienzo, and Matthew Lachniet

Multiple Negative Molybdenum Isotope Excursions in the Doushantuo Formation (South China) Fingerprint Complex Redox-Related Processes in the Ediacaran Nanhua Basin, Chadlin M. Ostrander; Swapan K. Sahoo; Brian Kendall; Ganqing Jiang; Noah J. Planavsky; Timothy W. Lyons; Sune G. Nielsen; Jeremy D, Owens; Gwyneth W. Gordon; Stephen J. Romaniello; and Ariel D. Anbar

Melt Inclusion Analyses to Constrain Parental Magma Compositions of the Nakhlite Meteorites, Amanda M. Ostwald, Arya Udry, and Juliane Gross

Aqueous Alteration of Pyroxene in Sulfate, Chloride, and Perchlorate Brines: Implications for Post-Noachian Aqueous Alteration on Mars, Charity M. Phillips-Lander, Andrew S. Elwood Madden, Elisabeth M. Hausrath, and Megan E. Elwood Madden

Mantle Source to Near-Surface Emplacement of Enriched and Intermediate Poikilitic Shergottites in Mars, Rachel R. Rahib; Arya Udry; Geoffrey H. Howarth; Juliane Gross; Marine Paquet; Logan M. Combs; Dara L. Laczniak; and James M.D, Day

Formation and Emplacement of Martian Poikilitic Shergottites, Rachel R. Rahib, Arya Udry, Geoffrey H. Howarth, Juliane Gross, Marine Paquet, Logan M. Combs, Dara L. Laczniak, and Jonathan M. Day

Primitive Old World Monkey from the Earliest Miocene of Kenya and the Evolution of Cercopithecoid Bilophodonty, D. Tab Rasmussen, Anthony R. Friscia, Mercedes Gutierrez, John Kappelman, Ellen R. Miller, Samuel Muteti, Dawn Reynoso, James B. Rossie, Terry L. Spell, Neil J. Tabor, Elizabeth Gierlowski-Kordesch Ohio State University, Bonnie F. Jacobs, Benson Kyongo, Mathew Macharwas, and Francis Muchemi

Hydrogeochemical Characteristics and Assessment of Groundwater Quality in Cox's Bazar Town and its Surrounding Area, Southeast Bangladesh, Ashraf Ali Seddique, Harue Masuda, David K. Kreamer, Ryo Anma, and Y. Yokoo

A Pulse of Oxygen Increase in the Early Mesoproterozoic Ocean at ca. 1.57–1.56 Ga, Mohan Shang, Dongjie Tang, Xiaoying Shi, Limin Zhou, Xiqiang Zhou, Huyue Song, and Gangqing Jiang

Stable Chromium Isotope Fractionation During Magmatic Differentiation: Insights From Hawaiian Basalts and Implications for Planetary Redox Conditions, Ji Shen, Jiuxing Xia, Liping Qin, Richard W. Carlson, Shichun Huang, Rosalind T. Helz, and Timothy D. Mock


Pressure-Induced Phase Transition in 1,3,5-triamino-2,4,6-trinitrobenzene (TATB), Brad A. Steele, Samantha M. Clarke, Matthew P. Kroonblawd, I-Feng W. Kuo, Philip F. Pagoria, Sergey N. Tkachev, Jesse S. Smith, Sorin Bastea, Laurence E. Fried, Joseph M. Zaug, Elissaios Stavrou, and Oliver Tschauner

In Situ LA–ICP–MS Trace Element Analyses of Magnetite: Genetic Implications for the Zhonggu Orefield, Ningwu Volcanic Basin, Anhui Province, China, Weian Sun, Feng Yuan, Simon M. Jowitt, Taofa Zhu, Guangxian Liu, Xiaohui Li, Fangyue Wang, and Valentin R. Troll

In Situ LA–ICP–MS Trace Element Analyses of Magnetite: Genetic Implications for the Zhonggu Orefield, Ningwu Volcanic Basin, Anhui Province, China, Weian Sun, Feng Yuan, Simon M. Jowitt, Taofa Zhu, Guangxian Liu, Xiaohui Li, Fangyue Wang, and Valentin R. Troll

A Record of Mid- and Late Holocene Paleohydroclimate from Lower Pahranagat Lake, Southern Great Basin, Kevin M. Theissen, Thomas A. Hickson, Ashley L. Brundrett, Sarah E. Horns, and Matthew S. Lachniet

High-Pressure Minerals, Oliver Tschauner

A Vacancy-Rich, Partially Inverted Spinelloid Silicate, (Mg,Fe,Si)(2)(Si,)O-4, as a Major Matrix Phase in Shock Melt Veins of the Tenham and Suizhou L6 Chondrites, Oliver Tschauner, Chi Ma, Luca Bindi, John R. Beckett, and Xiande Xie

Reclassification of four aubrites as enstatite chondrite impact melts: Potential geochemical analogs for Mercury, Arya Udry, Zoe E. Wilbur, Rachel R. Rahib, Francis M. McCubbin, Kathleen E. Vander-Kaaden, Timothy J. McCoy, Karen Ziegler, Juliane Gross, Christopher DeFelice, Logan Combs, and Brent D. Turrin

Equilibrium Inter-Mineral Titanium Isotope Fractionation: Implication for High-Temperature Titanium Isotope Geochemistry, Wenzhong Wang, Shichun Huang, Fang Huang, Xinmiao Zhao, and Zhongqing Wu

Assessment of the Ore-Forming Process of the Gejiu Tin District (South China), Xiang Wang and Minghua Ren

Calcium Isotope Fractionation During Crustal Melting and Magma Differentiation: Granitoid and Mineral-Pair Perspectives, Yang Wang, Yongsheng He, Hongjie Wu, Chuanwei Zhu, Shichun Huang, and Jian Huang

Iodine Content of the Carbonates from the Doushantuo Formation and Shallow Ocean Redox Change on the Ediacaran Yangtze Platform, South China, Haoming Wei, Xinqiang Wang, Xiaoying Shi, Ganqing Jiang, Dongjie Tang, Lijing Wang, and Zhengze An

Investigating the History of Aubrites Using X-Ray Computed Tomography and Bulk Partition Coefficients, Zoe E. Wilbur, Arya Udry, Francis M. McCubbin, Kathleen E. Vander Kaaden, Ryan A. Ziegler, Karen Ziegler, and Christopher DeFelice

Geochronology, Geochemistry and Petrogenesis of Late Triassic Dolerites Associated with the Nibao Gold Deposit, Youjiang Basin, Southwestern China: Implications for Post-Collisional Magmatism and Its Relationships with Carlin-Like Gold Mineralization, Song-Yang Wu, Lin Hou, Simon C. Jowitt, Jun Ding, Jin-Rang Zhang, Si-Bao Zhu, and Zhen-Yu Zhao


Fault Slip and Exhumation History of the Willard Thrust Sheet, Sevier Fold‐Thrust Belt, Utah: Relations to Wedge Propagation, Hinterland Uplift, and Foreland Basin Sedimentation, W. A. Yonkee, Bryan Eleogram, Michael L. Wells, Daniel F. Stockli, Shari Kelley, and D. E. Barber

Comparison of Guilin and Nevada Carlin-Type Gold Deposits in China and Their Role in Indicating Prospecting, Xie Zhaojun, Xia Yong, Jean Cline, Tan Qinping, Li Songtao, Zhao Yimeng, Wei Dongtian, Wang Zepen, and Yan Jun

Indentation Tectonics of the Fanshi Block in the Trans-North China Orogen, Yuanfang Zhao, Jianming Hu, Wangbin Gong, Minghua Ren, Jiaxi Yang, and Yong Yang

Submissions from 2018

Craters of the Moon National Monument Basalts as Analogs for Martian Rocks and Meteorites., Christopher T. Adcock, Arya Udry, Elisabeth M. Hausrath, and Oliver Tschauner


Craters of the Moon National Monument Basalts as Unshocked Compositional and Weathering Analogs for Martian Rocks and Meteorites, Christopher T. Adcock, Arya Udry, Elisabeth M. Hausrath, and Oliver Tschauner


Water Circulation in Karst Systems: Comparing Physicochemical and Environmental Isotopic Data Interpretation, Joseph Asante, Sam Dotson, Evan Hart, and David K. Kreamer


Identifying Local and Regional Groundwater in Basins: Chemical and Stable Isotopic Attributes of Multivariate Classification of Hydrochemical Data, the Lower Virgin River Basin, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah, U.S.A, Joseph Asante and David K. Kreamer


The SISAL Database: A Global Resource to Document Oxygen and Carbon Isotope Records from Speleothems, Kamolphat Atsawawaranunt, Laia Comas-Bru, Sahar Amirnezhad Mozhdehi, Michael Deininger, Sandy P. Harrison, Andy Baker, Meighan Boyd, Nikita Kaushal, Syed Masood Ahmad, Yassine Ait Brahim, Monica Arienzo, Petra Bajo, Kerstin Braun, Yuval Burstyn, Sakonvan Chawchai, Wuhui Duan, István Gábor Hatvani, Jun Hu, Zoltán Kern, Inga Labuhn, Matthew Lachniet, Franziska A. Lechleitner, Andrew Lorrey, Carlos Pérez-Mejías, Robyn Pickering, Nick Scroxton, and SISAL Working Group Members

Analysis of Iron-Containing Weathering Products in Serpentine Soils and Their Implications for Mars., Toluwalope A. Bamisile, Elisabeth M. Hausrath, Oliver D. Tschauner, Zoe R. Harrold, Christopher Adcock, C. M. Phillips-Lander, S. Gainey, and R. Gabriel

Cyclostratigraphic Constraints On The Duration Of The Datangpo Formation And The Onset Age Of The Nantuo (marinoan) Glaciation In South China, X Bao, S Zhang, G Jiang, H Wu, H Li, X Wang, Z An, and T Yang

Effects of Organic Compounds on Dissolution of the Phosphate Minerals Chlorapatite, Whitlockite, Merrillite, and Fluorapatite: Implications for Interpreting Past Signatures of Organic Compounds in Rocks, Soils and Sediments, Courtney L. Bartlett, Elisabeth M. Hausrath, Christopher T. Adcock, Shichun Huang, Zoe R. Harrold, and Arya Udry

Harry W. Green II (1940 - 2017), Pamela C. Burnley, Wangping Chen, Larissa Dobrzhinetskaya, Mauela Martins-Green, Robert Liebermann, Zhenmin Jin, Alexandre Schubnel, Junfeng Zhang, Haemyeong Jung, and Yanbin Wang

Nb–Zr–REE Re-Mobilization and Implications for Transitional Agpaitic Rock Formation: Insights from the Sushina Hill Complex, India, Aniket Chakrabarty, Roger H. Mitchell, Minghua Ren, Supriyo Pal, Supratim Pal, and Amit Kumar Sen

Martian Magmatism from Plume Metasomatized Mantle, James M. D. Day, Kimberly T. Tait, Arya Udry, Frédéric Moynier, Yang Liu, and Clive R. Neal

When Do Mantle Plumes Destroy Diamonds?, R. E. Ernst, D. R. Davies, Simon M. Jowitt, and I. H. Campbell

Large Igneous Provinces And Their Mafic-ultramafic Intrusions, R E. Ernst, S M. Jowitt, J A. Blanchard, and D A. Liikane

Northwest Africa 8632 – Crystal Size Distribution Variation and Potential Link to Northwest Africa 032, A. L. Fagan, Arya Udry, J. P. Gannon, and M. J. Cato


Shergottite Northwest Africa 6963: A Pyroxene‐Cumulate Martian Gabbro, Justin Filiberto, Juliane Gross, Arya Udry, Jarek Trela, Axel Wittmann, Kevin M. Cannon, Sarah Penniston-Dorland, Richard Ash, Victoria E. Hamilton, Andrea L. Meado, Paul Carpenter, Brad Jolliff, and Eric C. Ferré

Fate Of Transition Metals During Passive Carbonation Of Ultramafic Mine Tailings Via Air Capture With Potential For Metal Resource Recovery, J L. Hamilton, S A. Wilson, B Morgan, C C. Turvey, D J. Paterson, S M. Jowitt, J McCutcheon, and G Southam


Bioavailability of Mineral-Bound Iron to a Snow Algae-Bacteria Co-Culture and Implications for Albedo-Altering Snow Algae Blooms, Zoë R. Harrold, Elisabeth M. Hausrath, A. H. Garcia, Alison E. Murray, Oliver Tschauner, James A. Raymond, and Shichun Huang


Reactive Transport and Mass Balance Modeling of the Stimson Sedimentary Formation and Altered Fracture Zones Constrain Diagenetic Conditions at Gale Crater, Mars, Elisabeth M. Hausrath, D. W. Ming, T. S. Peretyazhko, and E. B. Rampe


Introduction to a Resources Special Issue on Criticality of the Rare Earth Elements: Current and Future Sources and Recycling, Simon M. Jowitt

Recycling Of The Rare Earth Elements, Simon Jowitt, Timothy T. Werner, Zhehan Weng, and Gavin M. Mudd


Direct Observations of Crystal Defects in Polycrystalline Diamond, Shirin Kaboli and Pamela C. Burnley

In-situ Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction Deformation and EPSC Modeling of AZ31 Mg Alloy, Shirin Kaboli and Pamela C. Burnley

Quantitative Characterization of Crystal Defects in Planetary Materials in a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), Shirin Kaboli and Pamela C. Burnley

Strain Analysis in Polycrystalline Diamond under Extreme Conditions, Shirin Kaboli and Pamela C. Burnley


Nevada Desert Dust With Heavy Metals Suppresses Igm Antibody Production, Deborah E. Keil, Brenda J. Buck, Dirk Goossens, Brett McLaurin, Lacey Murphy, Mallory Leetham-Spencer, Yuanxin Teng, James E. Pollard, Russell Gerads, and Jamie C. DeWitt

Grand Canyon Springs and Exceedence of Maximum Contaminant Level Drinking Water Standards - Implications for Resource Management, David Kreamer

Is a University Consortium for Water and Sanitation in the Developing World Sustainable?, David Kreamer

The Invisible Pulses and Pathways for Ecosystem Health – Inconstant Groundwater Flow, Ephemeral Research Funding, and Fluctuating Public Perceptions. Keynote Presentation., David K. Kreamer


Provenance and Paleogeography of the 25-17 Ma Rainbow Gardens Formation: Evidence for Tectonic Activity at Ca. 19 Ma and Internal Drainage rather than Throughgoing Paleorivers on the Southwestern Colorado Plateau, Melissa A. Lamb, L. Sue Beard, Malia Dragos, Andrew D. Hanson, Thomas A. Hickson, Mark Sitton, Paul J. Umhoefer, Karl E. Karlstrom, Nelia Dunbar, and William McIntosh


Sunspot Cycles Recorded in Siliciclastic Biolaminites at the Dawn of the Neoproterozoic Sturtian Glaciation in South China, Pengbo Li, Dongjie Tang, Xiaoying Shi, Ganqing Jiang, Xiangkuan Zhao, Xiqiang Zhou, Xinqiang Wang, and Xi Chen

The Genesis of the Hehuashan Pb–Zn Deposit and Implications for the Pb–Zn Prospectivity of the Tongling District, Middle–Lower Yangtze River Metallogenic Belt, Anhui Province, China, Guangxian Liu, Feng Yuan, Yufeng Deng, Simon M. Jowitt, Weian Sun, Noel C. White, Di Yang, Xiansuo Li, Taofa Zhou, and Jan Marten Huizenga

3D Computational Simulation-based Mineral Prospectivity Modeling for Exploration for Concealed Fe–Cu Skarn-type Mineralization within the Yueshan Orefield, Anqing District, Anhui Province, China, Xiaohui Li, Feng Yuan, Mingming Zhang, Simon W. Jowitt, Alison Ord, Taofa Zhou, and Wenqiang Dai

First-principles Investigation of the Concentration Effect on Equilibrium Fractionation of K Isotopes in Feldspars, Yonghui Li, Wenzhong Wang, Shichun Huang, Kun Wang, and Zhongqing Wu

Liebermannite, Kalsi3o8, A New Shock-metamorphic, High-pressure Mineral From The Zagami Martian Meteorite, C Ma, O Tschauner, J R. Beckett, G R. Rossman, C Prescher, V B. Prakapenka, H A. Bechtel, and A MacDowell


Sulfur Isotope Change across the Early Mississippian K–O (Kinderhookian–Osagean) δ13C Excursion, Dev Maharjan, Ganqing Jiang, Yongbo Peng, and Michael J. Nicholl

Elastic geobarometry: Corrections for the geometry of the host-inclusion system, Mattia L. Mazzucchelli, Pamela C. Burnley, Ross J. Angel, Simone Morganti, M C. Domeneghetti, Fabrizio Nestola, and Matteo Alvaro


Elastic Geothermobarometry: Corrections for the Geometry of the Host-Inclusion System, M. L. Mazzucchelli, Pamela Burnley, R. J. Angel, S. Morganti, M. C. Domeneghetti, F. Nestola, and M. Alvaro

Discreditation of Bobdownsite and the Establishment of Criteria for the Identification of Minerals with Essential Monofluorophosphate (PO3F2–), Francis M. McCubbin, Brian L. Phillips, Christopher T. Adcock, Kimberly T. Tait, Andrew Steele, John S. Vaughn, Marc D. Fries, Viorel Atudorei, Kathleen E. Vander Kaaden, and Elisabeth M. Hausrath

Growing Global Copper Resources, Reserves and Production: Discovery Is Not the Only Control on Supply, Gavin M. Mudd and Simon M. Jowitt

Global Platinum Group Element Resources, Reserves And Mining – A Critical Assessment, G M. Mudd, S M. Jowitt, and T T. Werner