Internet gambling; online gambling; technology impact; social impact; psychosocial impact; addictive behaviour; problem gambling


Gaming and Casino Operations Management | Gaming Law

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Original Research Article


Technological innovation has always played a role in the development of gambling behaviour, primarily through providing new market opportunities. Early prevalence studies of Internet gambling in the UK, Canada and the US have shown that Internet gambling is not a cause for concern at present However, this seems likely to change as more people start to use the Internet for leisure activities. After a brief overview of gambling technologies and deregulation issues, this paper examines the impact of technology on gambling by highlighting salient factors in the rise of Internet gambling (i.e., accessibility, affordability, anonymity, convenience, escape immersion/dissociation, disinhibition, event frequency, asociability, interactivity, and simulation). The paper also overviews some of the main social impacts surrounding Internet gambling, such as protection of the vulnerable, Internet gambling in the workplace, electronic cash, and unscrupulous operators. Recommendations for Internet gambling operators are also provided.