casino tourism; integrated resorts; Asian tourism development


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New Asian casino destinations continue to emerge and expand their gambling options. The historical rhetoric of being a panacea to economic and tourism woes continues to dominant decades later. Yet the excessive regulatory environments and taxation regimes by authorities on the casino industry are unlike those applied to other destination tourism products. Once the domain of the United States in the 1990s with entertainment capitals such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City, the proliferation of legalised casino gaming is now accentuated in Asia in destinations such as Macao, Korea, Singapore and the Philippines. As a tourism product, this article highlights that the arguments for and against casinos are narrowly embedded in social and economic influences, with a limited emphasis on a broader holistic approach on the implications on overall tourism management and development. Observations to date suggest greater prominence and participation by Asia’s NTOs (National Tourism Offices) and DMOs (Destination Management Companies) are needed on the future of the casino’s role within the tourism system and destination master plan and vision.