Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas History Department faculty.


Submissions from 2020

Beyond Hawai'i: Native Labor in the Pacific World, William J. Bauer

A Literary Tour de France: The World of Books on the Eve of the French Revolution, Gregory Brown

Frank A. Kafker (1931–2020), Gregory Brown, Melanie Conroy, and Jeff Loveland

Andrew Dickson White and America’s Unfinished (French) Revolution, Gregory S. Brown

Chapter 2: Of Tennis Dresses, Golf Sweaters and Bicycling Shorts; College Women and the Making of the American Sportswear Industry, 1890–1960, Deirdre Clemente and Evan M. Casey

Sufism in the Ottoman Empire, John Curry

El Edén Envenenado: La Primera Epidemia de Cólera en Tucumán, 1867-1868, Carlos Dimas

La Larga Historia de Los Saqueos en la Argentina: De la Independencia a Nuestros Días, Carlos S. Dimas

Stève Sainlaude. France and the American Civil War: A Diplomatic History. Translated by Jessica Edwards. Forward by Don H. Doyle, Joseph A. Fry

To Live Here, You Have to Fight: How Women Led Appalachian Movements for Social Justice. By Jessica Wilkerson. Champaign, IL: University of Illinois Press, 2019. 280 pp. 978-0-252-08390-7 (Softcover) $27.95. 978-0-252-04218-8 (Hardcover) $99.00. 978-0-252-05092-3 (e-Book) $14.95., Joanne Goodwin

To Live Here, You Have to Fight: How Women Led Appalachian Movements for Social Justice, Joanne L. Goodwin

Ambassador of Cajun Music: Jimmy C. Newman, 1927-2014, Michael Green

Writing Kit Carson: Fallen Heroes in a Changing West, Susan Johnson

Mediating America: Black and Irish Press and the Struggle for Citizenship, 1870-1914, Cian T. McMahon

American Horizons: US History in a Global Context, Volume Two: Since 1865, Michael Schaller, Janette T. Greenwood, Andrew Kirk, Sarah J. Purcell, Aaron Sheehan-Dean, and Christina Snyder

Russia’s Regional Identities: The Power of the Provinces. Ed. Edith W. Clowes, Gisela Erbslöh, and Ani Kokobobo. New York: Routledge, 2018. XIII, 292 Pp. Notes. Index. Illustrations. Photographs. Maps. $175.00, Hard Bound., Paul W. Werth

Blurring the Lines of Race and Freedom: Mulattoes and Mixed Bloods in English Colonial America, Aaron Wilkinson

Submissions from 2019

Beyond Banditry: The Significance of Everyday Larceny in New Mexican Social History, 1837-1865, Michael J. Alarid

Not Dammed Indians: The Dos Rios Dam and the Politics of Indian Removal, William J. Bauer

The Modoc War: A Story of Genocide at the Dawn of America's Gilded Age, William J. Bauer

The Chinese Must Go: Violence, Exclusion, and the Making of the Alien in America by Beth Lew-Williams, Sue Fawn Chung

Some Reflections on the Fluidity of Orthodoxy and Heterodoxy in an Ottoman Sunni Context, John Curry

"...Do You Want More?" A Brief History of Same-Sex Partnerships, Family Formations, and Marriage in Twentieth-Centurty U.S.A., Marcie M. Gallo

Casino Workers, Joanne Goodwin

Nevada’s Campaigns for Woman Suffrage, Joanne Goodwin

Practicing Critical Oral History: Connecting School and Community. By Christine K. Lemley, Joanne Goodwin

The Civil War and the Transformation of American Citizenship, Michael Green

The Election of 1860, Michael Green

Eastern and Western Empire: Thaddeus Stevens and the Greater Reconstruction, Michael S. Green

Amy K. DeFalco Lippert. Consuming Identities: Visual Culture in Nineteenth-Century San Francisco., Susan Lee Jphnson

Hoc Est Corpus Meum: Whole-Body Catacomb Saints and Eucharistic Doctrine in Baroque Bavaria, Noria Litaker

Telling Migrant Stories: Latin American Diaspora in Documentary Film, Miriam Melton-Villanueva


The Woman Who Turned into a Jaguar, and Other Narratives of Native Women in Archives of Colonial Mexico, Miriam Melton-Villanueva

Religious Freedom in Modern Russia, Randall A. Poole and Paul W. Werth

CHRIS MYERS ASCH and GEORGE DEREK MUSGROVE. Chocolate City: A History of Race and Democracy in the Nation’s Capital., Todd E. Robinson

The Fierce Urgency of Now and Then, David S. Tanenhaus

BEREL LANG. Genocide: The Act as Idea., Michelle Tusan

The Western Christian Presence in the Russias and Qājār Persia, c. 1760–c.1870, Paul Werth


Charleston and the Emergence of Middle-Class Culture in the Revolutionary Era. By Jennifer L. Goloboy, Elizabeth White Nelson

Lynn White's "Roots" and Medieval Technology and Social Change: The View from Outside Medieval Studies, Elspeth Whitney

Phlegmatic Landscapes: Perceptions of Wetlands, Acedia, and Complexion Theory in Selected Later Medieval Allegorical Pilgrim Narratives, Elspeth Whitney

Slave Life at Thomas Jefferson's Monticello, Aaron B. Wilkinson

Dennis Gilbert, The Oligarchy and the Old Regime in Latin America, 1880–1970 (Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield, 2017), pp. x + 292, £19.95, pb., Thomas C. Wright

Submissions from 2018

Politica: A History of the New Mexican Elites in American Politics, Michael J. Alarid

Porous Borders: Multiracial Migrations and the Law in the US-Mexico Borderlands, Michael J. Alarid

Ages of Anxiety: Historical and Transnational Perspectives on Juvenile Justice, William S. Bush and David S. Tanenhaus

Lisa Sousa. The Woman Who Turned into a Jaguar, and Other Narratives of Native Women in Archives of Colonial Mexico., Maria Raquel Casas

Garden of the World: Asian Immigrants and the Making of Agriculture in California’s Santa Clara Valley, Sue Fawn Chung

Jason Oliver Chang Chino: Anti-Chinese Racism in Mexico, 1880–1940., Sue Fawn Chung

Dark Work: The Business of Slavery in Rhode Island, Jay Coughtry


Did Muslim Mystical Traditions Have a Politics in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire?, John J. Curry


How Does Sagittal Imbalance Affect the Appropriateness of Surgical Indications and Selection of Procedure in the Treatment of Degenerative Scoliosis? Findings from the RAND/UCLA Appropriate Use Criteria Study, Michael D. Daubs MD; Harsimran S. Brara MD; Laura B. Raaen MPH; Peggy Guey-Chi Chen MD, MSc, MHS; Ashaunta T. Anderson MD, MPH, MS; Steven M. Asch MD, MPH; and Teryl K. Nuckols MD, MSHS


A Coin for China? The Monetary Standards Debate at the End of the Qing Dynasty, 1900–1912, Austin Dean

Organizations, Marcia M. Gallo

Sexual Minorities and Sexual Rights, Marcia M. Gallo

Deans of Women and the Feminist Movement: Emily Taylor’s Activism by Kelly C. Sartorius, Joanne L. Goodwin


Mapping the Four Corners: Narrating the Hayden Survey of 1875. By Robert S. McPherson and Susan Rhodes Neel, Anthony Graham

A Union Indivisible, Michael Green

A Union Indivisible: Secession and the Politics of Slavery in the Border South by Michael D. Robinson, Michael Green


Stormy Present: Conservatism and the Problem of Slavery in Northern Politics, 1846-1865, Michael Green

Preserving the Desert: A History of Joshua Tree National Park, Andrew Kirk


Thing-makers, Tool Freaks and Prototypers: How the Whole Earth Catalog’s Optimistic Message Reinvented the Environmental Movement in 1968, Andy Kirk


Cacicas, Escribanos, and Landholders: Indigenous Women’s Late Colonial Mexican Texts, 1703–1832, Miriam Melton-Villanueva


'We Hold it in Trust": Global Wildlife Conservation' Africanization' and the End of Empire, Jeff Schauer

Wildlife Between Empire and Nation in Twentieth-Century Africa, Jeffrey Schauer

'We hold it in Trust’: The College of African Wildlife Management and the end of Empire, Jeffrey R. Schauer

Forty Years Ago, Jimmy "The Weasel" Fratianno Turned On His Mob Family, David G. Schwartz

Northern Eurasia, 1300-1800: Russian Imperial Practice from Tsardom to Empire, Paul Werth

The French Connection and the Holy Alliance: Two Sources of Imperial Russia’s Multiconfessional Establishment, Paul Werth

Human Mobility in Russia’s Asian Empire, Paul W. Werth

One Eastern Church or Two? Armenians, Orthodoxy, and Ecclesiastical Union in Nineteenth-Century Russia, Paul W. Werth

Submissions from 2017

Ghost Dances, Bears and the Legacies of Genocide in California, William J. Bauer

Traditional Stories of the California Nations, Samantha S. Bell and William Bauer


Clothing the contadini: Migration and material culture, 1890-1925, E Casey and D Clemente

Review: Khaled el-Rouayheb, "Islamic Intellectual History in the Seventeenth Century: Scholarly Currents in the Ottoman Empire and the Maghreb", John J. Curry

Scholars, Sufis, and disease: Can Muslim religious works offer us novel insights on plagues and epidemics among the medieval and early modern Ottomans?, John J. Curry

The Health of the Rurality: The Encuesta de Folklore and Popular Healing Practices in Tucumán, 1921, Carlos S. Dimas

Review: Bombast: Spinning Atoms in the Desert by Michon Mackedon, Caryll B. Dziedziak

Organizations, Marcia M. Gallo

Taylor, Valerie (7 Sept. 1913-22 Oct. 1997), Marcia M. Gallo

Interview: "No One Helped:" Marcia Gallo on the murder of Kitty Genovese, Marcia M. Gallo and Lauren Gutterman

Women in Nevada History, Joanne L. Goodwin

Review: Custer's Trials: A Life on the Frontier of a New America, Michael S. Green

Review: How Lincoln grew during his wilderness years into a politically savvy statesman, Michael S. Green

Review: The Bill of Rights: The Fight to Secure America’s Liberties, Michael S. Green

Butte in the Eye of Nevadans, Michael S. Green

Growing Up Amid History, Michael S. Green

Nevada Republicans Look Toward an Uncertain 2018, Michael S. Green

Book Review: Unhappy The Land (2016), Cian T. McMahon