Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas History Department faculty.


Submissions from 2017

Review: Censoring Racial Ridicule (2015) and Irish Stereotypes in Vaudeville (2015), Cian T. McMahon

Juvenile Justice, David S. Tanenhaus

The Constitutional Rights of Children: In re Gault and Juvenile Justice, David S. Tanenhaus

Pursuing Gault, David S. Tanenhaus and Eric C. Nystrom

Atrocity on Film, Michelle Tusan

Caroline Shaw. Britannia’s Embrace: Modern Humanitarianism and the Imperial Origins of Refugee Relief., Michelle Tusan


Genocide, Famine and Refugees on Film: Humanitarianism and the First World War, Michelle Tusan

“Genocide, Famine and Refugees on Film: Humanitarianism and the Great War”, Michelle Tusan

The British Empire and the Armenian Genocide: Humanitarianism and Imperial Politics from Gladstone to Churchill, Michelle Tusan

Review: The Crisis of Religious Toleration, by Thomas Marsden, Paul Werth

Review: Ellie R. Schainker, Confessions of the Shtetl: Converts from Judaism in Imperial Russia, 1817-1906 (Stanford University Press, 2017), Paul W. Werth

In Memorium: Thomas Barrett (1960-2016), Paul W. Werth

Nation and Empire, Success and Failure: Three New Books on the Russian Empire, Paul W. Werth

People of Mixed Ancestry in the Seventeenth-Century Chesapeake: Freedom, Bondage, and the Rise of Hypodescent Ideology, Aaron Wilkinson

People of Mixed Ancestry in the Seventeenth-Century Chesapeake: Freedom, Bondage, and the Rise of Hypodescent Ideology, Aaron B. Wilkinson

People of Las Vegas Resist Trump’s Executive Orders, A. B. Wilkinson

Rep. Steve King: 'Champion for Western Civilization', A. B. Wilkinson

Our President Is A Racist: White Nationalism, Charlottesville And Its Aftermath, A.B. Wilkinson

Review: American Mestizos, the Philippines, and the Malleability of Race: 1898-1961 by Nicholas Trajano Molnar, Marie T. Winkelmann

Rethinking the Sexual Geography of American Empire in the Philippines: Interracial Intimacies in Mindanao and the Cordilleras, 1898 –, Marie T. Winkelmann

Gendering the "Enemy" and Gendering the "Ally": United States Militarized Fictions of War and Peace, Tessa Ong Winkelmann


Gendering the "enemy" and gendering the "ally": United States militarized fictions of war and peace, T O. Winkelmann

Submissions from 2016

California Indians, William J. Bauer

California Through Native Eyes: Reclaiming History, William J. Bauer


Oral history, W Bauer and Jr.

A New York Story: Kitty Genovese, Marcia M. Gallo

Witnessing "The Witness", Marcia M. Gallo

Edward R. Murrow, Charles Collingwood, and Morley Safer: A Lineage that Shaped American Journalism, Michael S. Green

Female Politicians Can’t Catch a Break, Michael S. Green

For Republicans, There’s No Such Thing As a Trump Warranty, Michael S. Green

Heeding History, Michael S. Green

Inside the Beltway, Michael S. Green

Jackie Robinson & the Dodgers’ Trip to Cuba, Michael S. Green

Nevada Has History of Politicians Fleeing the Top of the Ticket, Michael S. Green

Nevada Sings the Blues, Michael S. Green

Nevada’s Teachable Moment, Michael S. Green

Nevada Yesterdays (Ongoing Radio Series 2003- ), Michael S. Green

Other Funding Priorities Marginalized in Stadium Discussion, Michael S. Green

Politics, Michael S. Green

Politics as Usual … or Is It?, Michael S. Green


Review: A Short History of Virginia City, Michael S. Green


Review: Who Freed the Slaves? The Fight over the Thirteenth Amendment, Michael S. Green

Robert Todd Lincoln: The Grieving Prince of Rails, Michael S. Green

The Story of Lenora Young, Michael S. Green

Vin Scully: The End of an Era and a Career for the Ages, Michael S. Green

Why Nevadans Hate Washington: The rancher dustups of recent years are the latest in a long history of animosity, Michael S. Green


Review: A Greater Ireland (2015), Cian T. McMahon

Review: Atlas of the Great Irish Famine (2012), Cian T. McMahon

Review: Between Raid and Rebellion (2013), Cian T. McMahon


The Future of Digital Legal History: No Magic, No Silver Bullets, E C. Nystrom and David Tanenhaus


Two Humanists Exploring Together: or, a View from the Weeds, Eric C. Nystrom and David S. Tanenhaus


"Let's Change the Law": Arkansas and the Puzzle of Juvenile Justice Reform in the 1990s, David Tanenhaus and E C. Nystrom

Equal Justice for Juveniles? In re Gault After a Half Century, David S. Tanenhaus

Empire and the Media, Michelle Tusan

Empires and Constitutions, Michelle Tusan


Review: Bruno Cabanes, The Great War and the Origins of Humanitarianism, Michelle Tusan

Review: Keith Watenpaugh, Bread from Stones: The Middle East and the Making of Modern Humanitarianism, Michelle Tusan

Review: The Appreciation of Film: The Postwar Film Society Movement and Film Culture in Britain, Michelle Tusan


War and the Victorians: Response, Michelle Tusan

Conformity and defiance in a religious key, Paul Werth


Review: The Congress of Vienna: Power and Politics after Napoleon by Brian E. Vick. Harvard University Press, 2014, Paul W. Werth


Review of Adam Lucas, Ecclesiastical Lordship, Seigneurial Power and the Commercialization of Milling in Medieval England, Elpeth Whitney


Review: Adam Lucas, Ecclesiastical Lordship, Seigneurial Power and the Commercialization of Milling in Medieval England, Elspeth Whitney


Review: E. R. Truitt, Medieval Robots: Mechanism, Magic, Nature, and Art, The Middle Ages Series (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2015), Elspeth Whitney

A Right to the Land: Native Americans and Militias in Oregon and Nevada, A. B. Wilkinson

Bleaching The 2016 Olympics: Lochte, Anthony Ervin, And Race In Rio, A. B. Wilkinson

Media Blind Spots: The Ghetto and Bernie Sanders, A. B. Wilkinson

No Dreadlocks Allowed, A. B. Wilkinson

Why The Cops Who Shot Alton Sterling Will Go Free, A. B. Wilkinson


Making Sense Out of Bryce Williams and the Virginia Shooting, A.B. Wilkinson


U.S. Multiculturalism or Cultural Assimilation?, A.B. Wilkinson


What It Means to Become 'BiRachel', A.B. Wilkinson

Submissions from 2015


Sudsy Sovereignty: Work, Labor and Power on the Pacific Slope, William J. Bauer


Review of An Indigenous Peoples' History Of The United States by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, William J. Bauer


Review of Indian Resilience And Rebuilding: Indigenous Nations In The Modern American West by Donald Fixico, William J. Bauer

Review of Oklahoma's Indian New Deal by Jon S. Blackmon, William J. Bauer


Bir kütüphanede ne olabilir ki? Osmanlı yazmına bireysel eserlerdense derlemeler merceğinden bakış (“What's in a Library Anyway? Looking at Ottoman Writing Through the Prism of Collections Rather Than Individual Works”), John J. Curry

Review of Maria Vaiou, Diplomacy in the Early Islamic World: A Tenth-Century Treatise on Arab-Byzantine Relations: The Book of Messengers of Kings (Kitāb Rusul al-Mulūk) of Ibn al-Farrā’, John J. Curry


Martin, Dorothy Louise "Del" (1921-2008) and Phyllis Anne Lyon (1924-), Marcia M. Gallo


"No One Helped": Kitty Genovese, New York City, and the Myth of Urban Apathy, Marcia M. Gallo


Review of In a New Century: Essays on Queer History, Politics, and Community Life, by John D'Emilio, Maria M. Gallo

It Sounded Like a Good Idea at the Time, Michael S. Green

Major League Baseball’s Western Move in Historical Context: [Review of] Andy McCue’s Mover & Shaker, Michael S. Green


Nevada: A History of the Silver State, Michael S. Green


Ideas and Movements That Shaped America: From the Bill of Rights to "Occupy Wall Street", Michael S. Green and Scott L. Stabler


The Global Dimensions of Irish Identity: Race, Nation, and the Popular Press, 1840-1880, Cian T. McMahon


The Pages of Whiteness: Theory, Evidence, and the American Immigration Debate, Cian T. McMahon


The Elephant Problem: Science, Bureaucracy, and Kenya’s National Parks, 1955 to 1975, Jeffrey R. Schauer


Review of Children and Youth during the Gilded Age and Progressive Era by James Marten, David S. Tanenhaus


At Home in the Ottoman Empire: Humanitarians and the Victorian Diplomat, Michelle Tusan

Review of Andrew Long, Reading Arabia: British Orientalism in the Age of Mass Publication, Michelle Tusan

Kategorii Upravleniia, Pravoslavnoe Vmeshatel'stvo i perekhod v islam v iazycheskoi udmurtskoi derevni, 1870e-1890e gody, Paul Werth

Religious Freedom as a Marker of Modernity: The Imperial Bequest, Paul Werth

Revolutions & Constitutions: The United States, the USSR, and the Islamic Republic of Iran, Paul Werth


Lynn White Jr.’s ‘The Historical Roots of Our Ecologic Crisis’ after Fifty Years, Elspeth Whitney

Review of Mathew Kuefler, The Making and Unmaking of a Saint: Hagiography and Memory in the Cult of Gerald of Aurillac, Elspeth Whitney


Freddie Gray, Burning Baltimore, and Constitutional Rights, A.B. Wilkinson


I'm a Working Class Mujer: Listening to Marginalized Student Voices, A.B. Wilkinson


Oscars 2015: So Hollywood Is Still Racist (and Sexist), Now What?, A.B. Wilkinson


Tony Robinson, Rubén García, and Police Brutality Against Brown Bodies, A.B. Wilkinson