Effects of corporate social responsibility and internal marketing on organizational commitment and turnover intentions

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This study examined the effects of four aspects of corporate social responsibility (CSR) (i.e., economic, legal, ethical, and philanthropic responsibility) and five aspects of internal marketing (IM) (i.e., welfare system, training, compensation, communication, and management support) on employees’ organizational commitment (OC) and turnover intentions (TI) in the casino industry. Based on survey data collected from 310 employees working for a casino company, the relationships were examined using confirmatory factor analysis, second-order factor analysis, and structural equation modeling. The results indicate that both employees’ perceptions of CSR and IM are positively related to their OC and negatively to their TI, suggesting that adding CSR programs to existing IM programs is likely to improve desirable employee work attitudes such as OC, which in turn contributes to decreasing TI. This study makes a contribution to the literature by conceptually and empirically evaluating CSR and IM dimensions simultaneously in the casino environment

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