A Model Of Hospitality Leadership Competency For Frontline And Director-level Managers: Which Competencies Matter More?

C Shum, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
A Gatling, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
S Shoemaker, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Competency models are useful tools for hospitality organizations and academic programs to identify skills and behaviors needed in the workforce. Using two studies, the present study provides an updated leadership competency model for frontline and director-level managers in the hospitality industry. In a pilot study, we updated the model of hospitality leadership competencies (in a list of 195 behaviors, grouped into 15 competencies comprising 44 skills) based on existing competency models and the opinions from 30 senior hospitality leaders. We further clustered these competencies into business leadership competencies, personal leadership competencies, and people leadership competencies. In the main study, we surveyed 98 director-level managers on the relative importance and competency priority for frontline and director-level managers. Rank-test results showed that while business leadership competencies were the top priority for director-level managers, people leadership competencies ranked first for frontline managers. This study yields both research, practical and educational implications. © 2018 Elsevier Ltd