Impact of Employees' Job, Organizational and Technology Fit on Engagement and Organizational Citizenship Behavior

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Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Technology


Purpose The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of three person-environment (PE) fit dimensions (i.e. person-job, person-organizational and person-technology [PT] fit) on employees’ engagement and service-oriented organizational citizenship behavior (OCB) dimensions (i.e. loyalty, service delivery and participation). Design/methodology/approach Both online and on-site surveys were used to collect data from customer-contact employees working at a resort-style hotel in the USA. A total of 290 complete responses were collected, and the results were analyzed using a confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation modeling. Findings The results revealed that the three PE fit dimensions positively influenced employee engagement. The results also showed that the three PE fit dimensions had significant indirect effects on the three OCB dimensions via engagement, except for the relationship between PT fit and participation. PT fit only had a significant direct effect on participation. Originality/value This study contributes to the current PE fit, engagement and OCB literature by adding PT fit and testing the effects of the three PE fit dimensions on service-oriented OCB via engagement. This study recommends that hospitality companies develop strategies and tactics to improve their employees’ PE fit and engagement because they are the key determinants of service-oriented OCB.


Employee engagement; Person-environment fit; Person-job fit; Person-organizartional fit; Person-technology fit; Service-oriented organizarional citizenship behavior (OCB)


Organizational Behavior and Theory | Work, Economy and Organizations



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