Community Marathon Event Participation and Quality of Life

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Sport Management Review


This study examined serial multiple mediation effects to explain how participating in a recurring local sport event evolves into events support, contributes to community attachment, and affects the quality of life of residents who participated in the event. Using a web-based survey, 486 responses from marathon runners living in the hosting community were used for data analysis. Results confirmed the focal relationship between event satisfaction and resident marathon runners’ perception of their quality of life. Further analysis validated the sequential effects of participant satisfaction with the marathon event on supporting the event, developing community attachment, and improving quality of life. The findings suggest that hosting a recurring sport event presents a great opportunity for event organizers to enhance residents’ quality of life. Event organizers should maintain the performance of the recurring event to satisfy event participants and may develop partnerships with various organizations to enhance event participants’ quality of life.


Bottom-up theory of life satisfaction; Marathon event satisfaction; Community attachment; Quality of life; Serial multiple mediation model


Sports Management | Sports Studies



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