Pre-Employment Drug Testing in the Full Service Restaurant Industry and its Relationship to Employee Work Performance Factors

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The purpose of this research is to assess the effect of pre-employment drug-testing policies on aspects of employee work performance in the full-service restaurant industry. Specifically, this study attempts to compare aspects of employee work performance in full-service restaurants with pre-employment drug-testing policies against the aforementioned aspects of work performance in full-service restaurants without pre-employment drug-testing polices. For the purpose of this study, work performance factors include absenteeism, turnover (voluntary and termination), and documented work-related injury/accidents. Results indicated no difference between employee absenteeism, turnover, or accidents among establishments with and without pre-employment drug-testing policies.


Drug-testing; Restaurant industry; Substance abuse; Work performance


Business | Food and Beverage Management | Hospitality Administration and Management | Human Resources Management | Performance Management | Tourism and Travel | Training and Development

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