Individualism-collectivism insights into the strategic behavior of hotel managers

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This study investigated the potential influence of the cultural dimension of individualism-collectivism on the approaches toward business strategy development. A total of 207 responses from hotel top executives from the United States, Malaysia, Thailand, and Turkey were analyzed quantitatively. The results demonstrated that differences between executives from cultures with varied degrees of emphasis on individualism were significant regarding openness to strategic change, strategy evaluation time horizons, involvement of others in the strategy development efforts, and criteria for strategy performance evaluation. The findings concerning the focus of strategic objectives and formality of strategic control were mixed. Implications of the findings for the international hotel companies are discussed, and limitations of the present study and venues for future research are provided.


Collectivism; Individualism; International management; International hospitality; Hotel industry; Strategy


Business | Food and Beverage Management | Hospitality Administration and Management | Human Resources Management | International Business

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