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Observations are reported for the first time of significant nondipole effects in the photoionization of the outer-valence orbitals of diatomic molecules. Measured nondipole angular-distribution parameters for the 3σg, 1πu, and 2σu shells of N2 exhibit spectral variations with incident photon energies from thresholds to ∼200  eV which are attributed via concomitant calculations to particular final-state symmetry waves arising from (E1)⊗(M1,E2) radiation-matter interactions first-order in photon momentum. Comparisons with previously reported K-edge studies in N2 verify linear scaling with photon momentum, accounting in part for the significantly enhanced nondipole behavior observed in inner-shell ionization at correspondingly higher momentum values in this molecule.


Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics | Inorganic Chemistry | Nuclear | Physical Chemistry


Also published in: ALS Activity Report, Science Highlights 2006, p. 72, July 2007


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