Angle-resolved resonant Auger electron spectroscopy of CO after vibrational-resolved C 1s → ŋℓλ excitations

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Angle-resolved resonant electron spectra following vibrationally resolved C 1s rightarrow nl lambda (nu= 0, 1) excitations in CO have been measured. The observed groups of resonant Auger lines exhibit great similarity in shape to the C-KVV group of non-resonant Auger lines and the observed angular distribution behaviour reflects the symmetry-dependent anisotropies of the excitation process. The molecular progressions in the C 1s right arrow pi resonant Auger spectrum could be clearly identified due to their different angular distribution behaviour. Furthermore, it could be shown that the screening energies for spectator electrons over binding energy have a linear dependence between 3ppi, 4ppi and threshold as was expected for the higher p-symmetry Rydberg orbitals.


Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics | Physical Chemistry


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