Angle Resolved Resonant Raman Auger Spectroscopy of the Xe 4d → 6p Transition

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We studied the angular distributions and decay rates of the Xe 4d5/2→6p resonant Auger lines using the high resolution and high flux of undulator beamline 9.0.1 at the Advanced Light Source. The electron spectra were recorded by two time-of-flight (TOF) spectrometers with energy resolutions as low as to 43 meV. This made it possible to determine the angular distribution parameters β of almost all possible final ionic 5p4(3P,1D,1S)6p states. A variation of the β parameter in an energy scan over the resonance shows evidence for a possible interference of the resonant with the nonresonant path way to the 5p4(3P)6p(2P3/2) final state.


Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics | Nuclear


Presented at: The fourteenth international conference on the application of accelerators in research and industry, 6-9 Nov 1996, Denton, Texas (USA)


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