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• Ceramatec Sulfuric Acid Decomposer. Modeling with different reacting flow channel configurations (ribbed-surface channels, hexagonal channels, and diamond-shaped channels) was performed. The probability of failure for the one channel geometry with different reacting flow channel configurations was calculated to be zero in the three principal directions for all of the cases.

• Bayonet Heat Exchanger. The Matlab code for calculating the probability of failure using a two-dimensional axisymmetric model of the bayonet decomposer was developed. The probability of failure was calculated for the inner and outer SiC walls, and the intermediate quartz wall of the decomposer and found to be zero for all of the walls. The exact temperatures of the external wall measured from the experiment at SNL were applied to the thermal boundary conditions and used to calculate flow, heat transfer and chemical reactions. Geometry of one-fourth of the packed bed region with cylindrical and spherical pellets was created, and the periodic boundary conditions were applied. Calculations of fluid flow and heat transfer with cylindrical and spherical pellets in the packed bed region were performed.


Decomposition (Chemistry); Electric power production; Heat exchangers; Hydrogen as fuel; Nuclear energy; Sulfur


Heat Transfer, Combustion | Materials Science and Engineering | Mechanical Engineering | Nuclear Engineering | Oil, Gas, and Energy




Grant Number: DE-FC07-04ID14566