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The eleventh quarter of the project covered the following:

• Mr. Richard Silva successfully defended his thesis in April 2004 and graduated from the MEG Master’s program.

• Further refinements on Concepts and Methods for Vision-Based Hot Cell Supervision and control, focusing on rule-based object recognition (Ph.D. Graduate Jae-Kyu Lee). Ms. Caroline Wiejak, an exchange student from the ESIEE in Marne-la-Vallee, France is continuing with the image analysis effort. To date, she has transferred Jae-Kyu’s code to Matlab, and is presently expanding its application to more complex 3D shapes.

• Graduate student Jamil Renno refined and detailed his simulations of more complex fuel manufacturing and fuel pin assembly scenarios using hot cell robots. Jamil also begun working on the manufacturing modeling of metal fuels.

• The paper “Design and Virtual Testing of Robotic Assembly Processes for Hot Cells” was presented at the 10th International Conference on Robotics & Remote Systems (in March 2004) in Gainesville, FL).


Nuclear fuel rods – Design and construction; Manipulators (Mechanism); Robots; Industrial; Robots; Industrial – Control systems; Robots; Industrial — Kinematics


Controls and Control Theory | Nuclear Engineering | Robotics