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The safe and effective manufacturing of actinide-bearing fuels for any transmutation strategy requires that the entire manufacturing process be contained within a shielded hot cell environment. To ensure that the fabrication process is feasible, the entire process must be designed for remote operation. The equipment must be reliable enough to perform over several decades, and also easy to maintain or repair remotely. The facility must also be designed to facilitate its own decontamination and decommissioning. In addition to these design factors, the potential viability of any fuel fabrication process will also be impacted by a number of variables, such as the current state of technology, potential problem areas, deployment scaling, facility safety, and cost.

A fabrication process simulation model with several Waelischmiller robots in a hot cell was developed and coupled with MatLab control software. Matlab provides the interface with the robot and is used to control the system. The simulation renders a realistic simulation of the forces and torques present during robot motion. A 3-D manufacturing process simulation using CAD models and the Newtonian dynamics of the moving components has been developed.


Computer simulation; Manipulators (Mechanism); Nuclear fuels – Design and construction; Radioactive wastes — Transmutation; Robots; Industrial

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Computer simulation; Radioactive wastes--Transmutation; Robots


Nuclear Engineering | Oil, Gas, and Energy | Robotics

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