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Annual Report

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The second year of this project involved modeling several aspects of the LANCSE beam experiments:

  • Modeling targets of varying diameter in air, in a vacuum, and in the presence of humid air;
  • Modeling various proton beam profiles;
  • Modeling the effects of off-axis proton beam impingement on the target;
  • Modeling the asymmetry introduced by the steel table below the target;
  • Modeling the effect of varying ratios of Pb to Bi and the effect of impurities; and
  • Modeling the system, including other structures within the test room.

With the experience gained through modeling these systems, the UNLV researchers plan, with the assistance of their national laboratory collaborators, to develop a benchmark program for the neutron leakage tests and other tests related to transmuter development. A comprehensive three-dimensional computer-aided design (CAD) image of the LANSCE experiments was prepared using ProEngineer to help benchmark the experiments and provide accurate geometric data for MCNPX modeling.


Accelerator-driven systems; Monte Carlo N-Particle eXtended (MCNPX); Nuclear reactions – Computer simulation; Radioactive wastes — Transmutation; Spallation (Nuclear physics)


Nuclear | Oil, Gas, and Energy