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This Quarterly Report is a primary deliverable from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) Advanced Accelerator Applications (AAA) University Participation Program (UPP) director to the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Nuclear Energy, Science and Technology (DOE-NE) as defined in the UNLV AAA Proposal.

The foundation of the UNLV AAA University Participation Program started as a grassroots effort in the late 1990s among community members and local, state, and federal representatives to encourage research and development of technical alternatives to direct disposal of used nuclear fuel which had been targeted since the early 1980s for Yucca Mountain, Nevada. A fiscal year 2001 $3 million Congressional appropriation (42 U.S.C. § 2117) gave the University the funds needed to develop and establish the UNLV AAA Program.

The UNLV AAA University Participation Program consists of three components: Program Administration, Research Infrastructure Augmentation, and Student Research. The UNLV AAA Program director implements the Program Administration using staff from the Harry Reid Center for Environmental Studies to ensure that work conducted under the UNLV AAA UPP meets program objectives. The HRC Program Administration also plays the role of clearinghouse for UNLV Program record-keeping and deliverable production and dissemination including the assembly and distribution of quarterly progress reports and annual technical reports. In addition to conferences, progress reports, student theses, and technical papers, activities and results of the UNLV AAA UPP is available on the website for dissemination.


Education; Radioactive wastes; Research; Advanced Accelerator Applications; University Participation Program

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Nevada--Yucca Mountain; Nuclear fuels--Waste disposal; Radioactive wastes--Transmutation


Nuclear | Nuclear Engineering

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