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The goal of this project is to evaluate the application of these analytical techniques to the on-line, real-time measurement of the actinide elements in the process streams of a solvent extraction process, with particular attention to the UREX+ and PUREX processes. Based on the experience gained through this effort, engineers will have the information necessary to decide if these technologies should be advanced to the prototype stage and tested at the pilot plant level. Through the experimental work planned as part of this effort, researchers will also develop a better understanding of the chemical interactions of the actinide elements, providing additional data for the development of first-principles based models of the solvent extraction process. The information gathered through these experiments will also add to the database on the UREX+ solvent extraction process, particularly in the off-normal operating regimes.


Fluorescence spectroscopy; Laser spectroscopy; Optical spectroscopy; Radioactive wastes; Radiochemistry; Spent reactor fuels; Ultraviolet spectroscopy; Uranium


Nuclear | Radiochemistry