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The ultimate objective of this project is to develop technology to detect and accurately measure quantities of higher actinides in processing systems without taking frequent samples. These systems include used fuel receipt, separations batches, and pipelines. A variety of measurements may be combined to calculate flow rates of actinide elements with a to-be-determined precision. Nuclear and decay characteristics of materials during processing will be acquired, conceptual designs of monitoring systems will be developed, radiation transport studies will be conducted to develop an understanding of operational regimes, and experiments will be performed to confirm performance. Radiation transport and scoping studies will be conducted to investigate combined gamma-ray, neutron, and active and passive detection techniques to measure quantities and isotopic constituents contained during separations and intermediate storage. Scoping and design studies will first be performed using validated data sets (decay properties and reaction cross sections) and the radiation transport code MCNPX. Basic measurements will then be performed and compared to predictions.


Actinide elements – Separation; Radioactive wastes — Purification; Reactor fuel reprocessing; Spent reactor fuels


Nuclear | Nuclear Engineering