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The objective of this project is to develop a novel nanostructure based coating technology that will provide significantly improved corrosion resistance for steel in LBE at elevated temperatures (500 - 600oC), as well as provide long-term reliability under thermal cycling. The nanostructure based coatings will consist of a layer of nanoporous alumina with the pores filled with an oxidizing metal such as Cr, followed by a capping layer of alumina. Alumina, which is a robust anti-corrosion material, provides corrosion resistance at elevated temperatures. The Cr serves two purposes: (1) it acts as a solid filler material for the pores in the alumina, enhancing its mechanical and chemical integrity, and (2) it acts as a second layer of defense against corrosion by providing a replenishable source of Cr (for the formation of a Chromium oxide protective layer) in case the alumina layer is compromised. The innovation of this project is the use of a nanoporous alumina layer for the coating, which is mechanically flexible and can expand and contract with the underneath steel surface. As a result, the mechanical integrity of the coating is preserved under thermal cycling. In addition to their usefulness at higher temperatures, the proposed coatings can also provide increased reliability at lower temperatures by complementing the oxygen control technique. The nanostructure based coatings developed in this project will significantly enhance the long-term reliability of steel structures in LBE at elevated temperatures and under thermal cycling.


Aluminum oxide; Chromium; Corrosion and anti-corrosives; Eutectic alloys; Lead-bismuth alloys; Nanostructured materials; Nuclear reactors — Materials — Testing; Protective coatings; Steel — Corrosion

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Corrosion and anti-corrosives--Testing; Eutectic alloys; Nuclear reactors--Materials--Testing


Materials Science and Engineering | Metallurgy | Nanoscience and Nanotechnology | Nuclear Engineering | Oil, Gas, and Energy

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