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We continue to get valuable data from sputter depth profiling of steel samples. We meet weekly to discuss progress. We took depth-profiling data on D9 steel that had been exposed to LBE. This the first time we have examined this type of steel. This is important because it will enable us to separate out two effects and determine their effect on corrosion: composition of the steel vs surface preparation.

We started to plan a small experiments using a crucible of heated LBE, with the research program to be conducted at UNLV, on basic aspects of corrosion in this system. The idea is to conduct small-scale experiments to corrode steel samples using lead-bismuth eutectic. These experiments would be conducted using small "pots" of molten LBE, not the massive LBE loop that UNLV now has. A proposal was submitted at the end of February 2003. While that was not funded because of budget constraints, we hope to make a start on such a program on a much-reduced budget.


Corrosion and anti-corrosives; Eutectic alloys; Lead-bismuth alloys; Lead-bismuth eutectic; Particle accelerators — Design and construction; Steel — Corrosion


Materials Chemistry | Metallurgy | Nuclear | Nuclear Engineering