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The primary objective of this task was to evaluate the effects of environmental and mechanical parameters on environment induced degradations of candidate target structural materials for applications in spallation-neutron-target systems. The materials selected for evaluation and characterization were martensitic stainless steels including Alloys HT-9, EP-823, and 422.

Accelerator-driven transmutation systems involve bombarding a target material such as molten lead-bismuth-eutectic (LBE) by a proton beam, thereby producing neutrons. The molten LBE target will be contained in a subsystem structural container made of a suitable material such as Alloys HT-9, EP-823, and 422. During the transmutation process, the target structural material may become susceptible to different types of environment-induced degradations such as stress corrosion cracking (SCC), hydrogen embrittlement (HE), and localized (pitting and crevice) corrosion. While the performance of these candidate materials in the presence of a molten LBE is yet to be evaluated, substantial work has been performed in this task to evaluate the corrosion behavior of these alloys in aqueous environments of interest. These baseline data can eventually be utilized to compare them to those yet to be generated in the molten LBE environment.


Eutectic alloys; Hydrogen; Lead-bismuth alloys; Lead-bismuth eutectic; Martensitic stainless steel – Cracking; Materials – Cracking; Metals — Effect of high temperatures on; Particle accelerators; Radioactive wastes — Transmutation; Spallation (Nuclear physics); Stress corrosion; Tritium

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Eutectic alloys; Materials--Cracking; Radioactive wastes--Transmutation


Materials Chemistry | Materials Science and Engineering | Metallurgy | Nuclear Engineering | Oil, Gas, and Energy

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