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The project is moving on target with the newly realigned objective set for the Phase I. Through close communications with Dr. Li and Dr. Jinsuo Zhang from LANL a realignment of the simulation work has been recommended. The reason for that is the vendor of STAR-CD/CHEMKIN had not perfected yet the final coupling of the post processing of output for any potential surface chemistry reaction taking place on the inside pipe surface of the LBE loop. This is because the coupling of CHEMKIN and STAR-CD has been done fairly recently.

Our final effort has been to generate using an innovative method of simulating a forced flow inside a loop without the simulation of the pump that creates the flow. The approach allows us to obtain, after several iterations, the values of the corrosion locally at various axial locations in the loop.


Chemical kinetics; Cavitation erosion; Computational fluid dynamics; Corrosion and anti-corrosives; Eutectic alloys; Hydrodynamics; Lead-bismuth alloys; Lead-bismuth eutectic; Metals — Oxidation; Oxygen; Steel — Corrosion


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