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The MTL is assumed to be a 5m long rectangular loop with a circular cross-section. Because of the non-symmetry, and due to the active participation of the secondary flows due to the elbows present in the rectangular loop model, the geometry is considered as a 3D model.

When the regions of maximum corrosion and precipitation are compared, they fall in the same zone for both the analytical and simulated models. The reason for a larger concentration flux in the case of turbulent flow than for the laminar flow can be explained by the concept of higher lateral diffusion in the latter case. Because of the higher concentration diffusion in the laminar regime than in the turbulent regime, the concentration difference between the wall and the outermost layer of cells in the former case is lesser for the former case than the latter case.


Chemical kinetics; Computational fluid dynamics; Corrosion and anti-corrosives; Hydrodynamics; Metals — Oxidation; Oxygen; Steel — Corrosion; Turbulence


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