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Accurate measurement of the oxygen concentration in liquid Lead-Bismuth Eutectic (LBE) cooling system is critical in the active control of the corrosion at the interface between LBE and the stainless steel of transport tubes. Currently, LANL (Los Alamos National Laboratory) scientists have employed an automobile-style YSZ (Yttria Stabilized Zirconia) oxygen sensor unit to measure oxygen levels in an engineeringscaled LBE test system. Although the theoretical model for calculating oxygen concentration based on voltage measurement of YSZ sensor in static conditions is well understood, there is an urgent and strong need to obtain a complete set of calibration curves for YSZ sensor systems under various temperature and flow conditions in LBE environment due to device and material imperfectness as well as the unwanted mobility of the electrons at high temperatures. This research project, therefore, is aimed at filling the gap of sensor calibration/validation and further developing new sensors for oxygen concentration measurement in a nuclear environment.


Conductometric analysis; Eutectic alloys; Fluid dynamics; Lead-bismuth alloys; Nuclear reactors — Materials — Testing; Measuring instruments – Design and construction; Oxygen – Measurement


Mechanical Engineering | Nuclear Engineering | Oil, Gas, and Energy