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To begin developing the database necessary for the validation and benchmarking of the LAHET component of the MCNPX code suite, the UNLV research program has set forth the following objectives. First, the current MCNPX suite will be used to develop models of multi-element neutron detector systems. These models of the detector systems will be incorporated into the design of detailed models for the entire detector-target system. These models will first be used to help design the irradiation experiments, and then will be used to model the behavior of the system. Irradiation experiments corresponding to the detector-target system models will be performed, and measurements of the neutron leakage from the targets will be acquired. High spatial resolution and position sensitive measurements of the source term volume will also be acquired. The results of the experimental campaign will be compared with the simulated system to evaluate the performance of the MCNPX model. This database will also be made available to the code designers to allow them to benchmark the LAHET component of the MCNPX code.


Accelerator-driven systems; Neutron counters; Radioactive wastes — Transmutation


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