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Two activities are proposed: the development of a systems engineering model and the refinement of the Argonne code AMUSE (Argonne Model for Universal Solvent Extraction). The detailed systems engineering model will be continuously focusing on the integrated approach to the analysis of the materials separations associated with the TRP Program. A second portion of the project will streamline and improve an integral part of the overall systems model, which is the software package AMUSE. AMUSE analyzes the UREX process and other related solvent extraction processes and defines many of the process streams that are integral to the systems engineering model. Combining these two tasks is important in ensuring that calculations made in AMUSE are accurately transferred to the overall systems model. Additional modules with the work flowsheet will be developed to model pyrochemical process operations not treated by AMUSE. These modules will be refined as experiments are conducted and as more knowledge is gained in process steps. The software with an Object Oriented Programming (OOP) approach for all data input types will also be developed. Integrating all aspects of the proposed separations processes will allow for detailed process analyses, trade-off studies or the evaluation of proposed process steps, complete material balances that include all potential waste streams, the impact of changes in feed streams, studies detailing the importance of process control and instrumentation, and the ultimate optimization of the process. The constraints of optimization provided by ANL-East will be implemented with single or multi-run.


Alpha-bearing wastes; Argonne Model for Universal Solvent Extraction (AMUSE); Computer programming; Separation (Technology); Software engineering; System analysis; Systems engineering; Transuranium elements – Separation; Uranium Recovery by Extraction (UREX)al Solvent Extraction (AMUSE); Separation (Technology); Systems engineering; Transuranium elements – Separation; Uranium Recovery by Extraction (UREX)

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Alpha-bearing wastes; Separation (Technology); Systems engineering


Chemistry | Nuclear Engineering | Oil, Gas, and Energy | Software Engineering | Systems Engineering

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