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The recovery of iodine released during the processing of used nuclear fuel poses a significant challenge to the transmutation of radioactive iodine. This proposal will develop and examine the use of Fullerene Containing Carbon (FCC) compounds as potential sorbents for iodine release from the reprocessing of nuclear fuel. This work will also include the development of bench-scale testing capabilities at UNLV to allow the testing of the FCC material in a simulated process off-gas environment. This experimental capability will also be used to test other potential sorbtion materials and processes, such as natural organic matter (NOM) and other promising alternatives. This work will also examine the development of a process to convert the sorbed iodine into a ceramic material with the potential for use as either a transmutation target or as a waste form in a partitioning and sequestration strategy.

Bench scale experimental apparatus and methodologies to simulate iodine entrainment in the vapor phase released from the head end of the PUREX process (the 4M nitric acid dissolution of spent nuclear fuel) will be developed, along with procedures to test the sequestration of Iodine from the vapor mixture. Long term performance/suitability of FCC and NOM will be tested for sequestration of iodine released by nuclear fuel reprocessing. FCC-bearing materials will be prepared and evaluated under laboratory conditions by KRI-KIRSI. Simulated process evaluations will be done on the FCC bearing materials, NOM, and other matrices suggested by the collaborators at UNLV. Conversion of the sequestered iodine to a ceramic-like material will be examined by the KRI-KIRSI team. Recovery of the Iodine from the sequestering matrices will also be examined (by both teams).


Fullerenes; Iodine — Isotopes; Organic compounds; Radioactive wastes; Reactor fuel reprocessing; Sequestration (Chemistry); Sorbents; Transmutation (Chemistry)

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Fullerenes; Radioactive wastes; Transmutation (Chemistry)


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