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The Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative (AFCI) and Transmutation Research Program-University Participation Program (TRP-UPP) supported by Department of Energy of the United States have been developing many important technologies for the transmutation of nuclear waste to address long-term disposal issues. While successfully embedding AMUSE module into a dedicated System Engineering Model (TRPSEMPro), developed by the Nevada Center for Advanced Computational Methods (NCACM) at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas collaborating with Argonne National Laboratory (ANL), ANL is interested in further simulating the Light Water Reactor (LWR) Spent Fuel Treatment Facility (SFTF) combining commercial process simulation and analysis packages and core calculation of the AMUSE that derived for using with the UREX+ process. The designed SFTF will receive, temporarily store, and prepare spent nuclear fuel for leaching. The major objectives of this research proposal are to develop a framework for simulating the Spent Fuel Treatment Facility (SFTF) process using AMUSE code, commercial process package such as ASPEN-PLUS, HYSYS and PRO/II and system engineering model such as TRPSEMPro’s flexible parameter optimization modules, to develop a middleware package that can communicate between the AMUSE code and any selected commercial packages, to extend the existing system engineering model for optimization process that includes process simulation results, and to include a scenario-based database system that efficiently reports required information as chart output using web-based programming, and Microsoft Visual Basic (MS VB).


Argonne Model for Universal Solvent Extraction (AMUSE); Computer programming; Radioactive wastes – Purification; Reactor fuel reprocessing; Separation (Technology); Software engineering; System analysis; Systems engineering; Transmutation (Chemistry)

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Radioactive wastes--Purification; Separation (Technology); Transmutation (Chemistry)


Nuclear Engineering | Oil, Gas, and Energy | Software Engineering | Systems Engineering

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