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The overall goal of this project is the creation of a framework that combines all the strengths of AMUSE’s complicated calculations, well-established commercial system process packages, and TRPSEMPro’s flexible parameter optimization modules. Development of the process simulation code can be done using the solvent extraction process at Argonne National Laboratory in collaboration with the UNLV Nevada Center for Advanced Computational Methods.

The major objectives are the following:

  • Develop a framework for simulating the Spent Fuel Treatment Facility (SFTF) process using AMUSE code, commercial process package, such as ASPEN-PLUS, and system engineering model.
  • Develop a middleware package that can communicate between the AMUSE code and any selected commercial packages.
  • Extend the existing system engineering model for the optimization process that includes process simulation results.
  • Include a scenario-based database system that efficiently reports required information as chart output using web-based programming, and Microsoft Visual Basic (MS VB).

Research Accomplishments:

  • Completed the feasibility study of the nitric acid recycle process using the ASPEN-Plus system process package.
  • Completed the “skeletal backbone” study of the NPEX process using the ASPEN-Plus system process package.
  • Integrated the ASPEN-Plus process model with the TRPSEMPro system engineering modeling package, developed by the UNLV team.


Argonne Model for Universal Solvent Extraction (AMUSE); Computer programming; Radioactive wastes – Purification; Reactor fuel reprocessing; Separation (Technology); Software engineering; System analysis; Systems engineering; Transmutation (Chemistry)

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Radioactive wastes--Purification; Separation (Technology); Transmutation (Chemistry)


Nuclear Engineering | Oil, Gas, and Energy | Software Engineering | Systems Engineering

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