Submissions from 2023


Payments Transaction Data from Online Casino Players and Online Sports Bettors, Kasra Ghaharian, Piyush Puranik, Brett Abarbanel, Kazem Taghva, Shane W. Kraus, Ashok Singh, Alan Feldman, and Bo Bernhard


Nevada Workforce Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Study 2023, Becky Harris and Andrea Dassopoulos

Submissions from 2022


Monetized Competitive Peer-to-Peer Skill-Based Game Play–An Introduction, Becky Harris, Bill Coley, Peter Gan, and Anh-Vu Nguyen


Reshaping College Athlete Sports Betting Education, Becky Harris and John T. Holden


Nevada Workforce Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Study 2022, Jan Jones Blackhurst and Becky Harris

Submissions from 2021

A comparison of CB-SEM and PLS-SEM in validating online casino e-servicescape theory, Brett L. Abarbanel, Ashok K. Singh, Bo Bernhard, and Anthony Lucas

Who holds a shared responsibility view of minimizing gambling harm? Results from a multiwave survey of casino gamblers., Shane Kraus, Brett L. Abarbanel, Eric Louderback, Debi LaPlante, Heather Gray, and Bo J. Bernhard

Gambling Researchers’ Use and Views of Open Science Principles and Practices: A Brief Report, Debi A. LaPlante, Eric R. Louderback, and Brett Abarbanel

A Comparison of Two GameSense Implementation Approaches: How Program Awareness and Engagement Relate to Gambling Beliefs and Behaviors, Eric R. Louderback, Heather M. Gray, Debi A. LaPlante, Brett Abarbanel, and Bo J. Bernhard

Submissions from 2020

Gamers Who Gamble: Examining the Relationship Between Esports Spectatorship and Event Wagering, Brett Abarbanel, Joseph Macey, Juho Hamari, and Rolando R. Corley Melton

Casinos Play Their Next Hand, Rick Arpin, Brett Abarbanel, Bo Bernhard, and Kasra Ghaharian

Opinion: Nevada needs to prohibit ex parte communications with the Nevada Gaming Commission, Anthony Cabot and Becky Harris


The Relationship Between In-Play Betting and Gambling Problems in an Australian Context of Prohibited Online In-Play Betting, Sally Melissa Gainsbury, Brett Abarbanel, and Alex Blaszczynski

Gamblers’ Beliefs About Responsibility for Minimizing Gambling Harm: Associations With Problem Gambling Screening and Gambling Involvement, Heather M. Gray, Eric R. Louderback, Debi A. LaPlante, Brett Abarbanel, and Bo J. Bernhard

Federal Interference with State and Tribal Sports Betting Regulations Will Not Work: Where the Sports Wagering Integrity Act of 2018 Went Wrong and How Federal Legislation Might Be Effective, Becky Harris

Operating in a Covid-19 Environment From Shut Down to Reopening: Industry Insights, Becky Harris


Regulated Sports Betting: A Nevada Perspective, Becky Harris

Part III: Nevada, Over 60 Years Regulating Gambling-A Jurisdictional Overview, Becky Harris and Husna Alikhan

Peer-to-Peer Esports Sanctioning Organization, Becky Harris, Alex A. Igelman, and Michael Pollock

Theme and Authenticity: Experiencing Heritage at the Venetian, Marta Soligo and Brett Abarbanel

Submissions from 2018

Q&A With Becky Harris, Chairwoman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, Sue Schneider and Becky Harris