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Given the threatened nature of affordable care in the United States, it is crucial to underscore its importance. What is more, the reason such care is so important is the presence of an oft-unacknowledged disparity in access to quality care in this country and, indeed, around the world. A world without health disparities can be achieved and will be characterized by prompt and quality care available to all and at all stages of the care continuum. Further insurance reform is needed beyond the Affordable Care Act, while local care must be more accessible in rural, urban, and other underserved areas. Clinical trials must also undergo changes to ensure new drugs and treatments will be effective for all populations. Joint efforts between those conducting trials, medical practitioners, the FDA, and potential trial participant, are required for the development of treatment to be more personalized and more effective. A multi-pronged approach can eliminate inadvertent and systemic prejudices in the health field.


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