Data collection; Community Based Participatory Research; Asian Americans


Community Health and Preventive Medicine | Medicine and Health Sciences | Other Public Health


Background: There is a shortage of health data for Asian American (AA) populations. This shortfall may be improved through the involvement of AA-serving community-based organizations (CBOs).

Objectives: This study assesses the feasibility of and interest among CBOs in creating a AA community-based data registry.

Methods: Leaders of CBOs were interviewed to assess their current data collection framework and their attitudes towards a shared data registry.

Results: Qualitative analysis shows CBOs are active in data collection, find data to be instrumental to their mission, and are interested in contributing to a broader data registry.

Discussion: The inclusion of CBOs in large-scale survey efforts may indeed yield more valuable data regarding specific AA subpopulations relative to that which is currently collected by national survey efforts. Such a partnership would be beneficial to CBOs as well, as data collection challenges could be alleviated by the creation of a uniform data registry.