Guyana; Indo-Guyanese; Culture; Cultural; Health Care Decisions; Caribbean; West Indian; Richmond Hill Queens


Community Health and Preventive Medicine | Public Health


Culture, religious beliefs, and ethnic customs, all play a role in how patients make healthcare decisions. As the racial and ethnic diversity continues to increase in the United States, so does the culture, religious beliefs, and customs. This research aims to explore the cultural and other influences on making healthcare decisions among Indo-Guyanese immigrant men. In-depth interviews were conducted among participants residing in the neighborhood areas of Queens, New York. Thorough qualitative analyses were performed on the data for which three major themes emerged. Family influences on health behaviors, the use of alternative medicines, and religious beliefs were found to have a direct impact on the participants’ healthcare decisions. It is very important for healthcare providers to also understand the non-clinical aspects of their patients to holistically address their unique needs.