Adolescent pregnancy; Pregnancy prevention; Minority Health; Cultural Tailoring; Adolescent Health


Public Health | Public Health Education and Promotion


Introduction: Cultural tailoring of adolescent pregnancy prevention programs has been utilized as a way to reduce persisting racial and ethnic disparities. This study explored how cultural components are included in evidence-based adolescent pregnancy prevention programs.

Methods: This study qualitatively assessed curricula of six federally supported evidence-based adolescent pregnancy prevention programs specifically tailored for African American and/or Hispanic youth. Patterns were analyzed within and between programs by two independent coders.

Results: Cultural components fell into five major themes: cultural art forms, traditions, history, community, and language. The most commonly included area was traditions (i.e. values, pride).

Conclusions: Variations exist in the cultural components both within and between adolescent pregnancy prevention programs in topics and depth of instruction. While curricula are often proprietary, transparency is recommended in future program development processes of cultural tailoring.