Discrimination in medical care; Gay and Lesbian; Gays; Health Disparities; Lesbians; Policy Recommendations; Sexual minorities – Health and hygiene; Social status – Health aspects


Gender and Sexuality | Health Policy | Immune System Diseases | Inequality and Stratification | Public Health | Virus Diseases


Research suggests that significant health disparities exist among the gay and lesbian population in the United States. These disparities impact both the short- and long-term health outcomes of this population. This study first provides a current literature review of available research on gay and lesbian health disparities and organizes these findings according to health topic. The paper then investigates recommendations for the elimination of racial and ethnic health disparities and examines their applicability in eliminating sexual minority disparities. While many recommendations are valid, this paper analyzes the six thought to have the greatest potential in eliminating gay and lesbian health disparities. These recommendations are then prioritized using three criteria. Ultimately, this study examines the factors that contribute to this issue, and discusses how researchers, organizations, and policymakers must work together to eliminate these health disparities.