Article Title

Health Disparities and Discrimination: Three Perspectives


Cultural grounding; Discrimination; Discrimination in medical care; Equity; Health education; International; rural; and technological health disparities; Rural population; World health


Community-Based Research | Demography, Population, and Ecology | Inequality and Stratification | International Public Health | Medicine and Health | Public Health | Public Health Education and Promotion


This article presents three perspectives on health discrimination and disparities, organized around different conceptualizations of the way “space” perpetuates health disparities. The first two perspectives are grounded in conceptualizing space in a physical sense by exploring the manifestation of discrimination as a problem both among and within nations. The third perspective juxtaposes geographical space with cyberspace. The internet, with its ability to blur sense of place, social demarcations, and behavior is often considered a panacea that can eliminate the health disparities. The internet, however, may not be fulfilling its promise as an equal source of health information for all and disparities related to international and rural geography remain problematic. Solutions are proposed for reducing health disparities based on The Principle of Cultural Grounding (Hecht & Krieger, 2006; Hecht & Miller-Day, in press).