Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Journalism and Media Studies Faculty.


Submissions from 2020

Information Source Dependence, Presumed Media Influence, Risk Knowledge, and Vaccination Intention, Carolyn A. Lin, Xiaowen Xu, and Linda Dam

Submissions from 2017


Reinhold Niebuhr’s Trump Prophecy, S Bates

Is This the Best Philosophy Can Do?, Stephen Bates


Beyond Radicalism: The New-York Tribune’s Whiggishness and Constructive Democracy, G A. Borchard

Streaming Tactics, Benjamin E. Burroughs

YouTube Kids: The App Economy and Mobile Parenting, Benjamin E. Burroughs

Four Modern Masters of Color Reinvigorating Design, Amanda Fortini

A Paris Boudoir Where Everything's Meant to be Touched, Amanda P. Fortini

Going Home with Chloe Sevigny, Amanda P. Fortini


Annie and the Shaman: Exploring data with the visual provocative artifact, Julian A. Kilker

The Ethics of Sensory Ethnography: Virtual Reality Fieldwork in Zones of Conflict, Jeff Schuter and Benjamin E. Burroughs


The Journalist Who Interpreted Too Much: The New York Times’ Courtship, Defense, and Betrayal of John W. White, K L. Stoker


Media Freedom and the Control of Nation’s Sociolegal Problems of Governance: A Conjunctive Analysis of Asymmetric Effects and Multiple Causal Pathways, O Venger

America's Army: Beyond selling modern warfare through advergaming., Olesya Venger

Call of Duty, Olesya Venger

Geographical Proximity Is Not Enough: How Culture Shaped Placement, Spatiality, and the Outcomes of the Arab Spring’s Uprisings., Olesya Venger

Internet Research in Online Environments for Children: Readability of Privacy and Terms of Use Policies; The Uses of (Non)Personal Data by Online Environments and Third-Party Advertisers, Olesya Venger

Playing sports, wearing headscarves: Marginalizing vs. mainstreaming religious garments as social contracts, Olesya Venger


Volatile Places, Volatile Times: Predicting Revolutionary Situations with Nations' Governance and Fragility Indicators, Olesya Venger and Terance D. Miethe


Linking CSR Communication Activities to Consumer Brand Evaluations: An Examination of Mediating and Moderating Factors Linking CSR Communication to Brand Evaluations, O Venger and N Pomirleanu