Publications of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas School of Journalism and Media Studies Faculty.


Submissions from 2017


Reinhold Niebuhr’s Trump Prophecy, S Bates

Is This the Best Philosophy Can Do?, Stephen Bates


Beyond Radicalism: The New-York Tribune’s Whiggishness and Constructive Democracy, G A. Borchard

Streaming Tactics, Benjamin E. Burroughs

YouTube Kids: The App Economy and Mobile Parenting, Benjamin E. Burroughs

Four Modern Masters of Color Reinvigorating Design, Amanda Fortini

A Paris Boudoir Where Everything's Meant to be Touched, Amanda P. Fortini

Going Home with Chloe Sevigny, Amanda P. Fortini


Annie and the Shaman: Exploring data with the visual provocative artifact, Julian A. Kilker

The Ethics of Sensory Ethnography: Virtual Reality Fieldwork in Zones of Conflict, Jeff Schuter and Benjamin E. Burroughs


The Journalist Who Interpreted Too Much: The New York Times’ Courtship, Defense, and Betrayal of John W. White, K L. Stoker


Media Freedom and the Control of Nation’s Sociolegal Problems of Governance: A Conjunctive Analysis of Asymmetric Effects and Multiple Causal Pathways, O Venger

America's Army: Beyond selling modern warfare through advergaming., Olesya Venger

Call of Duty, Olesya Venger

Geographical Proximity Is Not Enough: How Culture Shaped Placement, Spatiality, and the Outcomes of the Arab Spring’s Uprisings., Olesya Venger

Internet Research in Online Environments for Children: Readability of Privacy and Terms of Use Policies; The Uses of (Non)Personal Data by Online Environments and Third-Party Advertisers, Olesya Venger

Playing sports, wearing headscarves: Marginalizing vs. mainstreaming religious garments as social contracts, Olesya Venger


Volatile Places, Volatile Times: Predicting Revolutionary Situations with Nations' Governance and Fragility Indicators, Olesya Venger and Terance D. Miethe


Linking CSR Communication Activities to Consumer Brand Evaluations: An Examination of Mediating and Moderating Factors Linking CSR Communication to Brand Evaluations, O Venger and N Pomirleanu

Submissions from 2011

"Abraham Lincoln and Horace Greeley," 2nd Edition, Paperback, Gregory A. Borchard